Zorin takes too long to show the boot logo

I have an HP Pro Book G3 440 after many attempts to install the system I managed to install it but when starting it it takes too long to even show the zorin logo while a screen appears with a green "OK" while the screen flashes

the laptop has an I5-6200 with integrated graphics without a video card

Please remind us, which version and flavour of ZorinOS do you have. e.g. Z15.3 Core, Lite etc or Z16 Core Beta?

Based on similar threads in the Ubuntu forum, I'd guess that (despite the vanilla i5-6200 with integrated graphics setup) the graphics driver is not loading properly during boot but that the problem eventually resolves. Try running "journalctl" in the terminal or look at your boot logs and see what you find. Also based on what I read in the Ubuntu forum, you might want to make sure that your chipset and graphics firmware is up to date.

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I am using ZORIN 15.3 CORE

How can I do that?


To use journalctl to get boot logs type "journalctl -b" into the terminal, as follows:

"journalctl -b" will show the boot log for the most recent boot.
"journalctl -b -1" will show the boot log for the next most recent boot.
"journalctl -b -2" will show the boot log for the boot before that boot.

Depending on how you have your terminal set up, error messages and problems will usually show up in yellow or red. See what you find, looking particularly for any yellow or red entries that seem to have something to do with graphics.

If you find anything that looks like a graphics issue, copy those lines from the log and post them in this thread, so that @zabadabadoo or others with more experience than I have can help.


To install the most recent firmware for your computer, go to the HP Laptop Drivers and Downloads page, type in your computer's serial number, and see what shows up. It may be that the HP Pro Book G3 440 is old enough that there will be no recent upgrades. If there are firmware upgrades available, you may have to install Windows in order to download and apply the upgrades.


I updated my BIOS and there was no effect the system still takes more than 15 minutes to boot (on SSD) and I tried now with ZORIN 16 and it still takes too long (even more)

PS: Zorin 16 is very good :slight_smile: but I can't use it as the main one due to this problem :frowning:

Usually a very slow boot means that there is an error somewhere.
In terminal, try running

systemd-analyze blame

Please post the output here.

You might also try setting the grub parameter:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash noresume"

systemd-analyze blame
37.982s plymouth-quit-wait.service
29.588s apt-daily-upgrade.service
25.408s man-db.service
11.241s networkd-dispatcher.service
9.504s accounts-daemon.service
8.453s udisks2.service
6.459s dev-sda5.device
5.268s fwupd.service
4.891s polkit.service
4.424s NetworkManager.service
4.375s grub-common.service
4.133s avahi-daemon.service
3.721s gdm.service
3.277s rsyslog.service
3.213s gpu-manager.service
2.913s kerneloops.service
2.899s pppd-dns.service
2.768s switcheroo-control.service
2.755s thermald.service
2.748s systemd-logind.service
2.746s wpa_supplicant.service
2.272s logrotate.service
1.715s ModemManager.service
lines 1-23


IF you are not using Zorin as a Network server, you can disable netword-dispatcher with this command:

sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager-wait-online.service

That will help your boot time.

Next, can you run in terminal:

systemd-analyze plot > ~/SystemdAnalyzePlot.svg

Once the terminal reverts to new line, you will find a SystemdAnalyzePlot.svg file in your Home Directory. Right click that and open with firefox and note the Red Bolded Items...

here is the logCaptura de pantalla de 2021-08-21 10-18-20

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What about analyze-blame?

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ah... I can't... zoom in much. Too small to read... lol...

sorry :rofl: is that the file is incompatible and was too big to take a picture
I leave you a link to download it from google drive


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Looking at analyze-blame, your other offenders are man-db.service and plymouth-wait-service

This Is Important --These services run through the boot process and even after you are able to log in and interact. Plymouth wait service must run during the wait on other services and does not increase boot time
This is one thing about analyze blame that can be misinterpreted. So, as you look at your output, please keep this in mind.
The next offender is network dispatcher so:

that part may help you.

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thanks bro you fixed all the problems until it has better performance

I can use it normally now :slight_smile: the truth is that since I tried ZORIN on my old laptop to use windows again it has made me uncomfortable

thanks Aravisain you are the best :wink:

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