Zorin & Zebra GK420D Printer

I was wondering if anybody else using Zorin 15/16 for business can confirm compatibility with the GK420D label printer by Zebra. This is an extremely common business label printer, primarily used for shipping labels.
I use Zorin on my personal machine & hope to replace an extremely old, sluggish & buggy copy of win10 on my business computer. I did not want to remove the existing OS & find out that the Zebra would not work correctly with Linux which would obviously cause an interuption.
Would love to hear if anyone else has one set up and functioning. There is 0 information regarding Linux on the Zebra website.

Hi, will this answer your question?

Zebra does not provide a driver for use on Linux/Unix or Mac OS X operating systems but instead suggests the use of the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) driver.

Currently the CUPS printer driver supports all Zebra based ZPL, EPL1, EPL2, and CPCL printers. Kiosk (KPL language) support is expected in the 1.6 version of CUPS.

You could always try a Live USB session before committing anything.


Awesome, thanks for your help. I'll definitely look into this.
I'll try a live USB session as you mentioned and see if I can get it running.

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Iv ran a live disk. Iv gone to the printer section and zorin automatically found the GK420D printer. It did say it was scanning for a driver but I dont think it sucesfully downloaded anything.
Iv attempted to run a print and everthing seems fine up until selecting document size. Print preview is showing basic full paper sizes only such as A4/A5 etc however i obviously need a 6" x 4" print size.
Could anyone help point me in the right direction? Any help would certainly be appreciated.

I think you cannot write anything in a live session.
Live USB is read-only.

Whatever the changes you made is on RAM and will be deleted at the end of the session. Since installation of the driver almost always requires reboot, I do not think it would work.

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Ah okay. I did notice that updates were failing.
I just wanted to test that the label printer would operate before nuking the system in order to prevent any disruption to our label printing.

You can install Zorin (or any other Linux) on a USB connected external disk. That way you can keep the current installation intact.

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. This will certainly be my next step.

Thanks for the assistance

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I installed Zorin to an external hard drive but for some reason it will not boot. I made sure it was installed to / but it just freezes during boot.
Strange thing is that the live flash drive also freezes if I attempt to boot it whilst the external HDD is still plugged in. Remove the HDD and the flash drive boots. Weird. Something must of gone wrong.

That is very strange.
I never had such problem myself.
Let me ask @Aravisian to pitch in.

I have been quickly breezing through the long list of new posts - but avoiding the longer or more involved ones - I am heading out to do Road tests in a moment. Not sure how long they will take.

I will ask @Storm then.

I appreciate the help. I installed Zorin on the drive again, set the bootloader on the external drive to / and it is now trying to load but fails with this error.

error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'.
Entering rescue mode
grub rescue>

I appreciate the help. I gurantee it's something in doing wrong. It doesn't help that the bios is old on this pc.
I'm probably just gonna take the damn label printer home and try it on my home Zorin machine.
Thanks for your time

I have gotten this error before.
The EFI partition must be placed before the partition that contains the operating system.
Ensure the /boot partition is present, either within / on Zorin OS or as a separate partition.
Then you can use Grub Rescue to spot and correct the grub to see the partitions.

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Appreciate all the advice. I nuked the pc and surprisingly getting the label printer was a breeze, it worked almost immediately. I thought the printer would be easy and the label printer a nightmare but it was the opposite. Label printer was simple but I'm having issues with my HP officejet pro 6960. For some reason USB mode simply will not work, Zorin detects the USB printer plugged in but get connection errors on new print. Got it working on WiFi connection and can print but print jobs keep pausing for some reason. Thought the hp would be easy...... Lol, I'll get there in the end. A buddy of mine mentioned an app called HPlibs may be worth a try.
Thanks for the help


According to this: HP Developers Portal | Release Notes

HPLIP 3.16.9 - This release has the following changes:
Added support for the following new printers:

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8732M All-in-One Printer
  • HP OfficeJet 8702 All-in-One Printer
  • HP OfficeJet 6960 All-in-One Printer
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Yet some people have a problem in USB connection.
Only WiFi connection works. Very puzzling.