ZorinOS 15.3 close the lid issue

Hello guys.

I have a issue on ZorinOS 15.3 lite.

When i close the lip the screen Stay black ( not show login).

Sometimes works well ( if i close the lip for a short period) today stay 1 hour with lip closed...and not show the login.

Anyone knows what can be?


Maybe your screen isn't notifing to the PC that the hinge has been pulled bck up, what is your laptop model?

Please also see this post here with a Script solution. This is a Long Standing problem in XFCE (Even noting that one users comment: "This bug has been annoying me for years. I suspect there are prehistoric cave markings somewhere complaining about it ")


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I've had this issue as well on Z15.3 Core. I thought it is a kernel related bug. I did not encounter this issue on Z16.

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I always thought it only appeared on XFCE. Maybe it is only more common on XFCE...

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OMEN by HP - 15-dc0029np

I Will check tomorrow, did this solve this issue for you?

I have not experienced this issue, personally.

Just to let you know I have editited your subject to correct typo of lip to lid. This to aid future searches, thats all.

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I Will test zorin 16, if i got the same issue.

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Well after install zorin 16 with NVIDIA graphics, they resume but freeze my screen, mouse not responding. ( Need to do hard Poweroff)

Any solution?

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This is not a fix... But the only other thing I know of (in XFCE) is to not suspend on lid close (thereby circumventing the failure to resume from suspend on lid opening)
If you look in /etc/systemd/logind.conf there may be a line that looks like HandleLidSwitch=ignore with a hashtag in front of it commenting it out. Remove the hashtag to uncomment it. If it is not present, add the line.

If you look in /etc/UPower/UPower.conf there may be a line for IgnoreLid=true - follow the same procedure as above.

I find a solution on zorin 16, that was change a line in the grub file.

Change the grub (/etc/grub) file line 11

Dont know what this do but solve my problem


Maybe this works on Zorin 15.3, but know im in 16 :smiley:


That's a new one to me:D Thanks for posting it.

I think that is something related to NVIDIA graphics.

For now its working, o Will update if have more issues.

Thanks to all for the help.

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After a few month works this issue come back.

Cant suspend or hibernate without freeze :frowning:

Have any updates been run?

Normal updates from zorin, i guess.

I install steam and play football manager...fine but if the laptop suspend or hibernate....freeze but this happen without gaming.

I dont know if i change swap file can suspend or hibernate without a problem?

This is my swap
cat /proc/swaps
Filename Type Size Used Priority
/swapfile file 2097148 0 -2

have 16gb ram

If using Swap and Hibernate, Swap must be on a separate Partition, not as a local Swap File.