ZorinOS Encrypted SSD

Hi there,

I installed ZorinOS 16.1 Core on a SSD and used a password to encrypt the whole drive (LVM). I wanted to completely format the SSD and did parts of it using another system.

I am now unable to install Zorin on that SSD + I am not able to find it on my windows pc. Do you have any idea how I can use the ssd again.

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Hey there
I have a question that how had you formatted the SSD? Maybe that could help us to solve the problem

You need to format the entire ssd and reinstall the OS. The encrypt option is for security that only people running only Zorin/Ubuntu Distribution on their PC Use. It will lock and reserve the drive to be used only by Zorin.

Check Out this Guide with all the Warnings before Installing Zorin OS.

Thank you very much! With Zorin on the other drive I managed to completely format it!

I just had Zorin on another drive and was able to format it in the drivers app. I am not sure if it really was formatted or not but dont mind since it was encrypted before.

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