2 issues in 1

I'm not understanding what's going on with this OS, I was on a chat on Discord and I saw that my date was set 3 days forward (feel like Back to the Future :disguised_face::sunglasses::red_car:), some seconds later I opened the taskbar and date returned to normal. Moreover audio was disabled, none was working, a song that I usually play had no audio and same for any online audio.

Note that this happened after opening laptop screen, maybe this detail can help.

It might have taken some time to sync via the internet :man_shrugging:

For audio is the problem regular?


If time is set to autosync with internet, having it update like that when out of sync is common, and having the time be out of sync is common as often linux and firmware are using different time such as utc / gmt.

For audio, its possible the audio system was put to sleep with the laptop lid closed, and the service failed to wake up, if this is the only time its happened could be the audio playing when put to sleep caused it to crashed ect, might be best to just reboot and see if audio comes back. I had this happen a lot with my gpu's hdmi, and haven't had it happen since going to dp and optical out.

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Ok, what I don't understand is why time was set 3 days forward when I closed the laptop screen, not so usual :thinking:

Yes, I thought this, too. Then I don't know other best reasons. Now it works fine, restarting the pc fix but if this problem can't be fixed I'd better change OS again, it's quite annoying :triumph:

BIOS/Firmware generally do not recognize time-zones - So it will keep a different system time from the os time, if the os can not connect online it will default to the system time, until it can update. Usually its only a couple of hours. Also the bios and OS are often in UTC and GMT causing further confusion :slight_smile:


I see the exact same behaviour in my automobile dash cam as well. If I power the camera at the work bench the time is off by an hour. Take it to the car and hook up to the GPS then the time is corrected.

No, now I see that after stand-by it goes usually forward of 3 days but audio is rarely disabled.

my keyboard does that too. Its annoying

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yeah ubuntu doesnt really like laptops

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