Adios Zorin but maybe not forever

I have been using Zorin os core17 for a few weeks and there were many things I really liked about the operating system, in fact I only tried it as a live usb drive to see what it was like & I was so impressed I installed it as my main system, however as the days passed I found things that didn't work well & although the help I was offered on here was amazing I have finally decided to go back to using Linux mint which just seems more stable and polished. I won't bore you with all the various issues I had, that's gone now but I wonder if the decision to have different versions of gnome running different parts of the system played a role in the issues I had combined with some apps being system packages, some flatpak & some snap means it's too much of a mish mash which will inevitably caused problems.

It's a shame as I wanted to love it so much, but I will wait for newer versions in the future to see what's going on & I may have another go.

To finish I would like to say thank you to each & every one of you on this forum that not only helped me but to all that give their time in assisting others with less knowledge.


I think that ultimately we should all use what works for ourselves. If Linux Mint does it for you but not Zorin OS, I support that decision. Thanks for trying it out, and don't let this bittersweet experience stop you from doing the same with other Linux distributions if you have a chance to do so, there's a whole world out there.

The mix and match of software sources has been the focus of a lot of debate, in this forum and in the Linux community in general. Flatpak, Snap, AppImages... they are all good technologies to have around but they are quite different to what most are used to and expect from it, and inevitably create friction.
There are ways to remove Flatpak and Snap from Zorin OS and plenty of people around here do exactly that. I'm pretty sure Linux Mint also does this, leaving the option to enable this explicitly for those who understand it and actually need the latest version possible of each software (which, as we've seen repeatedly, this isn't always a good thing).

Anyway, I would suggest checking back when Zorin OS 17 Lite is released. This version works on the XFCE desktop environment and a lot of folks prefer it over Gnome. Despite what the name may suggest, it's not less capable in any way.



Linux Mint is a good System too. When it is better to use for You, You should take it. I mean that is the good Thing in the Linux World: You have the Choice to choose the System (and Desktop Environment) what suits You the best.


Just to add there are other lightweight distros. There is even an unofficial Antix which someone has spun by a member of systemd-free community:

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Yeah, I take all those comments on board and I now have a 64GB pen drive that I formatted and installed Ventoy on so I can now put as many different distros on as it will hold, so I can try out any number of different live distros, as has been said, that's the beauty of Linux. Incidentally, one of the issues I had, meant I had to download some firmware that was only available for Windows, so I had to put a Windows 10 ISO on the stick and temporarily install Windows to make the download before reinstalling Linux again, while I had Windows on the laptop I had a poke around to remind myself of what it was like and I can see now why I now use Linux, it was an awful experience and whatever distro I use I will never be tempted back to Windows.
Thanks again everyone