All Settings icon shows Power Manager

I pinned All Settings to the dock and it shows the Power Manager icon. On Z15 lite, the pinned icon is the gear wheel. I did happen to open PM before All Settings, once installation had completed and I was getting things ready. How do I get the gear icon?


I believe this is possible if your icon settings are set to this gear icon.

But when you say dock, I don't think you use Gnome is that right?
And don't you have the possibility to navigate to the app from the menu and select it as a favorite. Most DE offer this option?

(Because this is how it's done, when using Gnome).

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Correct. It is XFCE, no right-click option to add Favorites.
In XFCE the only way I know is launch the application and then pin to the panel.

Yes that is one way to do it but there are other ways,

Almost any XFCE panel icon can be customized.
What was the Exact Name of the item you added to panel?
Did you add a launcher, then add the item in the launcher?
OR add the item directly?

I fired up the Zorin menu and then clicked Settings (just above shut down and lock screen buttons). Once it launched, I right clicked on the open application in the panel and pinned it.

Ok, is it pinned in the DockbarX or in Docklike-taskbar?

EDIT: Nevermind, I just duplicated what you described and the answer is Yes...

Right click that again, and select edit launcher and in the Popup Window, you will see the Icon; Click that to select a different icon.

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I'm too stupid to know the difference. Regardless, it now works. But if it happens again I now know what to try.

Carmar, stupid of me, should have known what you meant.
Because this is the part I spent the most time doing while using/trying Zorin16 LIte. (Changing the icon png's)


The blame lies with me for not explaining well enough. There were 2 of you unclear on what I was describing - not a coincidence.


By the way I want to say I like your avatar a lot.
It's the most outstanding one next to Aravisian's.
But then again he can't be missed, cause he's all over the place.

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I go pretty heavy into XFCE customization, so had a bit of an advantage, there.

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