AMD stop support old graphic cards

Sad news today I reading.

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But the support in Linux should be continued on.
Are we anticipating some switchers? :wink:

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This just proves that Nvidia are not the only ones who do this. Nvidia has dropped support for their G700 series cards, and the last driver that supports the Firmy architecture is the Nvidia 390 driver.

The thing that we always have to keep in mind, is that companies like Nvidia and AMD are a business, they are in the business of making money. They won't do that, unless they employ MS tactics, and force you to buy new products.

While this process has been the norm for decades now, we were however not in a tech shortage before. In all the years since Silicon Valley became well known for the nation's technology center of development, we haven't seen such a shortage.

I am watching the latest WAN show episode from LTT, and he's talking about how the prices on tech is continuing to go up, because manufacturing costs for parts supply has globally gone up 20%. And who eats the cost, them?

NO! Its us! Whenever we buy a new product, we are the ones who eat the cost. So, Nvidia and AMD wants to force us to buy their new cards, but dude, their new cards cost 3-times more then they should right now!

Its gotten so bad now that nobody can afford to buy video cards anymore except the rich. A Nvidia 3060 is like a 500 dollar card now, 3070 is a 700-800 dollar card, the 3080 is a 900-1200 dollar card, and then 3090 is like a 2000-3000 dollar card.

So, where this is currently backfiring for these companies, is people arn't buying new GPU's. People are buying older used Nvidia GTX series cards in the G700-G800-G900, G1000 series cards.

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I've heard that the government restriction of the coin mining factories in China might bring the GPU price down. Talking about wasted energy - I really cannot see any point of those mining firms.


Yeah but they mining long time ago and never sayed the price are bigger because people start digging a bitcoin. I think they want more money value and go to trash some peripherals what working good and now you buying with bigger price? What huge diffrent is this technology from old technology computers with %. My computer from 2015 working very well, the same from 2000 linux. No problems. What is the point?

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I agree 100%

The whole reason why people do crypto mining, is simply because of GREED. Destroying people's privacy for a buck is more important to them, then civil liberties. Its really sad! I think every countries government should be banning crypto mining.

In countries like America, where freedoms in its constitution allow crypto mining, because its very hard to ban in a democracy, power grids are suffering blackouts, and burnt cables in the ground do to it. I am actually waiting for Biden to take a greater stance against crypto mining.

So yes, while I do agree that in banning crypto mining can help drop costs on GPU's, that alone will not be enough. Because supply costs have gone up 20%, that will keep the prices up a good amount. And don't forget that not all crypto mining is done on video cards.

Some crypto mining uses SSD's instead. But since SSD's are essentially just flash memory with cash and a controller attached, that is also going to keep costs up, since GPU's do use, ding ding ding, thats right memory!

The point is, things are not going to get better anytime soon unfortunately, were going to be in this mess for another couple years yet.

If my old computer was just from a couple of years ago, I wouldn't have bought a new computer. So I am agreeing with that point you just made. However, my old computer was from 2012, with mid-range hardware from the get go, so I seriously needed a new computer. So thats why I bought a new one this year.

At least Linux users like us can benefit from its low system requirement :slight_smile:
I am still using Piledriver for my sub-desktop. It still runs great with any Linux distribution I throw at it.

Sure it depends what you need used a new computer. I heard they selling graphic cards from digging on ebay and another online markets.

If you are looking at laptop, laptops come out from a corporate lease is a good deal.
I got HP Elitebook and Probook about a quoter of the original price.

I then bumped up RAM from 4 GB to 16 GB with second hand memory and applied a new thermo compound to CPU. Both are running great.

Most Linux users are not gamers, however that has been slowly changing, as more and more people are switching to Linux as we speak. This is why its a good thing that Nvidia is providing more driver support for Linux, and why AMD needs to learn to do a better job of that.

While AMD has great popularity in both its Ryzen/Threadripper CPU's, and their Radeon GPU's in the Windows sector, it is actually Intel and Nvidia who are doing a better job in the Linux sector, when it comes to kernal based compatibility.

If you just need a computer to access the internet, check email, visit social networking boards, a Chromebook is all you need. In many instances, those who need a computer for business, will usually buy either a Macbook, or a Dell laptop.

However, for those of us who are content creators or gamers, higher end hardware is required. This is the machine I got, my full review along with detailed pictures can be found here. MSI GE76-231 Raider Notebook.

Yes this is good because greedy "Billy" doing nothing special to more stable OS from 8 to 11.
I little observatory and Microsoft want go the same what apple only our products what is normal killing gamers PC to buying Playstation or Xbox platforms.
Example processors Alder Lake for Office.
For me this is only a choice to not playing a games what not working and then Linux is very important a part in my life without any problems and support to 2030. I cannot trust "Billy" because he change words like a children win 10 will be last and now win11 what they sayed using more threads.
I am really don't know what a way this is all coming with technology a computers. Selling laptops with amr processors thick but they don't have a power what a older laptops where a weight wasn't was light. I remember my Lenovo Thinkpad T61p. Interesting the recovery cd plate what they wrote on phyton working for any computer.

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MSI GE76-231 Raider Notebook.

The price killing me but this is normal with this what he have a inside. Laptops always was expensive.

Yep, bought it in April, just before they went out of stock for good. The tech shortage insured that this computer stopped getting manufactured in the quantity required by demand.

However, in a couple of years, Intel's new manufacturing centers will be built and in production, and should be able to solve the tech shortage on chips by then. Check the listing often, or add it to your wish list, so you will be notified when in stock.

With the hardware inside, in normal situations, it would be a 2500 dollar notebook. But due to the tech shortage, it was 3000 minus tax when I bought it in April. Now I see the smaller 15" models going for that, and I just shake my head.

From Nvidia out engineering to go Intel Corporation.
Everything will change this years. Now we have a battle amd vs intel also nvidia and amd.
I know Nvidia on market every 2 or 4 years put good graphic cards.


I just re-counted zeros in your posting.

Then this a laptop is a business quality. With this price. What you can sayed about Nvidia bought a company processors AMR? What is your idea exist processors in laptops also when apple want stop cooperation with Intel processores and go forward with installing AMR processors in macbook and apple laptops?

Any machines that are designed to do content creation and gaming in 4K to 8K resolutions is going to cost several thousand, this has been so of desktops, as well as notebooks.

Yes, there are Chromebooks you can buy for 400 to 600 dollars, but their not going to excel at either of those things. They are an affordable all around machine yes, but there really just for folks who surf the web, check emails, social networking.

And if you think that is expensive, look at what they are charging for business workstations, costs average right now between 5,000 to 10,000 dollars. You don't even wanna know what the SGI workstations of the 1990's cost that made the effects of Terminator 2! lol

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Yes I agree but I remember some laptops was full with glue. I prefer buying Quality to the price. I remember when I collect parts in 2015 to build PC was diffrents with best PC on high level only 5% and cost was over 2 000 $.
With Laptops is diffrent. I remember using laptop Lenovo T61p in 2010 when I travelling on contracts to another countries.