Attention error with BalenaEtcher

I downloaded Zorin OS Pro with the most recent version of Firefox, downloaded the most recent version of Balena, flashed the drive, and at the very end of verification it gave me an Attention something went wrong error. I used QuickHash to verify that the file was correct. My USB flashdrive is brand new.

I then saw on the forum someone recommended Popsicle. I installed and this opened up a new can of worms. When I go to run Popsicle, my terminal states 'Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module".'

Anyone able to offer guidance?

This should solve it. Open the terminal and copy paste this

sudo apt install libcanberra-gtk-module libcanberra-gtk3-module

Hey Michel, still got the same failed message...

I installed Popsicle via Flathub and I'm using the command 'flatpak run com.system76.Popsicle' if that is part of my problem

Why not open the app without terminal ? Click on the zorin logo on the panel, search for the app popsicle.

I had "adventure" burning the Pro to usb. I try my favorite Rufus, but did not work - it would not boot. Then I try Balena and got that problem too. Thinking that I got corrupted ISO I downloaded another one (4hr slow wifi). The second one Rufus could not make, but the Balena did and finally I was able to install to hdd. I burned quite a few Linux distros with Rufus and never fail. Do not understand why Rufus could not properly burn usb, but Balena did. A lot of "horror" storys about Balena

Have a read of this.

It is always a good idea to verify the SHA256 checksum of your downloaded iso against the checksum published on the Zorin website, before trying to install.

Michel, I just opened it up and didn't use the terminal and it worked fine. I wanted to make sure, since I was using the terminal, that nothing was wrong with Popsicle. It flashed perfectly fine, but as has been the case with me, I now have a new issue haha. My USB is not showing up as an option in my Boot System. I'm going to post a new question for this

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It would have solved it, except it is a flatpak...

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Flatpak is sandboxed, you are right. Would have worked on deb packages :sweat_smile:

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