AX201 WIFI fails to connet to any network on kernal 6.5 running 17.1

Hey there, been using Zorin for close to 5 years now on my personal PC's and laptops! much love <3

Received the major 17.1 core upgrade around a month ago which also upgraded the kernal from 5.15 to 6.5, immediately on reboot the wifi would connect to the wifi networks however no data would actually transmit (tested on two wifi routers and also my hotspot)

Rebooted, loaded recovery menu, switched to kernal 5.15 and the network is back and working like a charm. I simply have to remember to do this on each boot.

The issue is this... 17.1 works really poorly with kernal 5.15 running for some reason. The menu is laggy and apps and windows load slow and choppy. Once loaded everything is smooth, but clearly there is an issue with compatibility.

Any solutions to this? If not, can anyone guide me on how to make 5.15 boot permanently instead of having to do it manually every time?

Many thanks!

First recommending disable Wayland and run X11. It may improve the choppyness

How to set older kernel as default:

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As @Joe100 states an earlier kernel causes issues he might be better installing a newer kernel?

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So Joe is between a rock and a hard place.
Z17.1 Core with kernel 6.5 and he has no wifi,
Z17.1 Core kernel 5.15 he has wifi but choppy windows.

But Joe is looking to stick with that old kernel as preferred boot, hence Storm's post and link to "[HOW TO] set an older kernel to default boot."

I am a bit puzzled as 5.15 kernel relates to Z16.
@Joe100 Did you upgrade Z16 to Z17.1 or did the update from Z17 to Z17.1 coming with kernel 6.5 cause the issue?
If I read correct, Z17 Core was first released with kernel 6.2 (I think).
EDIT: Yes was initially 6.2, see this: Use of kernel 6.2 in zorin 17 - security hazard? - #9 by AZorin

Did you ever experience the 6.2 kernel on Z17?

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Do You were able to update Your System? If I remember right there was a Kernel Update or a Linux Fimware Update that brings Updates for this Wifi Stuff.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yes I check for updates daily. I force check via terminal daily (sudo get update/upgrade)

Still no luck.

Hi, what would be the easiest way to force a new kernal install? Google was not to useful as some links seemed out of date.


Hi, thanks for the reply!

Yes I had 16.3 for quite some time. And then the update for 17.1 was offered so I did it via software manager, which also upgraded the kernal to 6.5.

Not sure what the kernal was when running Z16 as I never needed to check.


Many thanks for the reply Storm.

I will give this a try and get back to you with an update.

Thank you!