The last thing he did not try was to install a server edition of Debian or Ubuntu then adding a desktop on it. It is not that too complex. Just a few command lines.

This should allow him to install OS even there is a GPU related problem.

@Bourne Look at FrenchPress post above, maybe it will work for you?

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Yes but i want stayed with kernel 5.11.034

I think you could:

or this:



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btw @StarTreker can you tell me how to download the latest version of kdenlive. I can only find older versions

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You mean newer than 21.08.1 in this page?


Ohhhhhh you FrenchPress lady you, you are loaded on caffeene, and you beat me to it posting the link. I am so tired. lol


Here, you need this:
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oh i did not go to that page i just downloaded from software


Look before ask :wink:

Of course you can do the other way around.
It will gives us volunteers an opportunity to compete who can draw faster than the other :gun:


im thinking about continuing zorin os 16 and wait till ubuntu fixes the issue


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You have a problem with Adobe premiere or also with bluetooth?
What you using bluetooth?
I using dualboot and this is fine.
What what Ivery like in linux Zorin distribution many software are free and usefull.

So if I re-install Zorin 16 Pro then I must out cable internet and in settings off updates in settings?

If i don't want newest experimental or something? I just want a stable.
Here why I wondering my Zorin is chaos.

I may be late for the initial post, but I have to say to @madhavan you don't need to choose 100% GNU/Linux or 100% Windows. Go for dual boot, both systems installed, then choose which one you want to launch every time you boot your PC.

If Zorin isn't working for you for some reason, try one of these:

If you have problems with bluetooth that might be related to Ubuntu, you should try distros not related to it.

To try to find alternatives to your usual software, you can try to look here:

This isn't part of the agreement already? I figured it was. What's your worst case scenario with a new permission like that?

You could manually block telemetry or use 3rd party software solutions to do the same. Maybe 3rd party firewall softwares can help. But, with each forced Windows update, they could just revert the settings or prevent the 3rd party software from doing its duties until next revision. It's a cat-and-mouse game. There are enterprise installations where IT departments will tailor the OS to fit their needs, but, most consumers aren't as tech saavy, so will be under the whims of M$ and its Windows OS.

Alternatively, switch OS entirely, or dual-boot on a as-needed basis.

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Zorin this distribution what Stealing my heart and soul. Found solution - today I will start fresh installation. Dualboot - games and testing on old W7. That help me clear and fast Zorin 16 Pro. I Could using live USB for testing. Anyone has another idea or solutions?