Battery time

I want to switch to this system from Windows 11. I am very interested in the autonomy on this system, I just read reviews that indicated a short operating time

Battery time is a variable.
I like upfront honesty so I will simply state that Windows OS has the upper hand on battery efficiency. They are a multi-trillion dollar company with lots of development.

However, this does not mean that GnuLinux or Zorin OS are unable to keep up, either.
If battery life is a concern, I recommend using Zorin OS Lite. Reducing the background processes and resource usage of the desktop is a huge step toward conserving battery and the Zorin OS Lite desktop offers this right out of the box.

Install TLP onto the computer. It does not necessarily launcha s an application but instead helps manage power usage in the background to extend battery life.


This is difficult to quantify, as depends on individual system, battery and useage.
May I suggest you test for yourself by installing ZorinOS alongside Win11 as a dual-boot. Then you can run ZorinOS yourself whilst keeping Win11 intact if you discover ZorinOS battery use not good.
If you have not yet installed ZorinOS, I will point you to this pre-installation advice that may be helpful. Before you install

Useful article by Chris Titus here:

Plus Spatry video on Jupiter:

Chris Titus video:

Plus this one but don't use 'dnf' command - this is for fedora - use apt-get install instead:

I use the free version of Zorin Lite with an old Flex-4 Ideapad (2015). I am pleased with the battery life, but I find whatever setting I use the battery drains when I simply close the lid. Consequently, I have to shut it down when I'm done using it and power it up again when ready to use. Is there a way to configure the "what to do when the lid is closed" that will result in preserving the battery charge?

I think what you are talking about is Hybernation instead of Standby or Sleep on lid closure. You will need to have set up ZorinOS to have a swap partition, not just a swap file, to allow you to do session Hybernation.
Also from past reading on the forum, setting up Hybernation may not be the easiest of things to reliably achieve on ZorinOS. I don't bother myself, I just power off when I'm done. You may find advice if you do a forum search herer using "hybernation" as search term. You can also try a wider websearch using "hybernation ubuntu 22.04".

e.g. Discussing how to enable hybernation in Zorin

yes, open the app menu and search for "power"