Can Zorin 16 Pro run from an external HD

Can you run Zorin 16 Pro from a 1 TB external Passport HD .... if so will it dual boot alongside Win if it is present when the laptop is started .... ?????

If a backup of Zorin 16 Pro from Rescuezilla is copied to the external HD will it have all the properties of a bootable HD or will you have to reinstall Zorin 16 Pro on the external HD and then run the Rescuezilla back up to that .... ?????

Can a external 1 TB HD be made to be bootable using Rufus or other program ..... in other words is a 1 TB external HD to large to make bootable ..... ?????

a backup No, a disk clone yes, however many motherboards are touchy with usb boot, and may not work with large drives if your usb mode is in legacy mode (which turning legacy off may cause issues with some usb keyboards ect)

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Also, running an OS through a USB port bottleneck can fray your patience.


I am pretty sure it is not in Legacy but rather UEFI or at least I never changed it to Legacy

UFEI vs legacy BIOS boot and Legacy USB support Mode are different. Legacy USB - emulates a PS/2 device when a USB used this helps with an OS that doesn't support it and helps the bios be compatible with a wider array of devices without the need for loading drivers but because it changes to interrupt from polling it affects how the devices interact with the system .

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Well right now my patience is a bit more than frayed with Zorin as now my Logitech keyboard which as for the past year worked flawlessly is now arbitrarily just dropping out for no reason at all and I have to log the keyboard in every time Zorin starts which never happened before a couple of weeks ago .... I can live with that but not the dropping out once it is logged back in ....

The mouse problem I had with the disappearing left content menu that I had cured for a few weeks has again appeared but not as frequently as it once did ....

The missing Min. .... Max. ..... Delete settings in the again left hand upper tool bars has never been fixed and even though I agreed I could live with it added to these other issues is a bit to much ....

Thank you I didn't know that .... :+1:

That's... unusual.
Libinput or xserver-xorg issue, I wonder?
I am hedging my bets on Libinput.

Frog... when was this build installed?
As in, how long has the build you are using been running?

It just seems like every time there is a kernel update something breaks on my system .... I think the last time I allowed a Zorin update was a few days ago ....

That is something we can do one minor fix to solve.
Lock in the last known working kernel and keep it there:

This... really is a catch-22 for Zorin OS users.
Zorin OS sets its standard on Stability. Yet, many users have been clamoring for later and later kernels, based on having the newest hardware...
I notice that the ZorinGroup releases a much higher kernel version than Ubuntu 20.04 does.

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How do I find the last kernel that seemed to work ..... I'm guessing before this last one .....

You have a large variety of strange issues that have us stumped.
The min, max close buttons -which was a new one to me...
The menus, which appear to be a Nvidia issue. But combined with the above, looks weird. Plus its persistent returning.

If it was me...
I would back up all personal data and just Wipe and reinstall. I mean thoroughly wipe the drive clean - get a fresh start.
It just seems that over time, many different file configurations and fix-attempts may have added up to a tangled web that will be harder to untangle than a restoration would.

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I thought about that too ..... I sure hate to loose some stuff like my icon and theme settings and game saves as those are in my hidden folders .... Downloads .... Documents ..... Pictures and Videos I know where they are but not sure just what else to save .....

You could just back up your home folder to save all of that.
In Root- you can back up the /usr/share/icons and /usr/share/themes directories.

I admit... I do this differently... Partly because I only use my own icons and themes.
So that part is easy for me.
But you really need only look in those icons and themes folders and select the ones you Want To keep.

OK thanks I'll digest this tomorrow and figure out what needs to be saved and what doesn't .... so in my home folder I just save all the folders and remove all the items that have a period in front of them ..... which I assume is from Root all except the ones .icon & .theme .... I already did cull all but yours and Storms ..... so that shouldn't e to hard ....

OK thanks .... tomorrow is going to be a mighty busy day ....

You can - or you can keep them. Admittedly, for most you probably are better off fresh start like .config.
I always keep .fonts, my zsh shell stuff...
My .profile, .conky...
They are not root items, as much as User directed installed items or extras. As well as configuration files.

Both of which are easy. Storm is thalic on Pling dot com and mine are installable straight from terminal or Synaptic.

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Maybe this is another option ..... I have Rescuzilla backups form way back .... could I just format my HD and then load one of those early ones on it ..... then just copy paste my Home folder and other folders I saved

I think that someone told me that Rescuezilla takes a complete picture of your drive including you partitions and every thing .... is that a possibility ????

Yes, but was it created prior to all of your listed problems?

As a mechanic, one thing I have learned the hard way: If doing a job, never try to make it easier on yourself by cutting corners or looking for a way out of work.
Do the work and do it right.
And when the work gets hard, remember your pride in your work ethic.

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I agree ..... some of the backups were 6 months or more ago ..... in fact the first one that is still saved was back when French Press was still around and she told me about it .... might be worth a try and if it doesn't work I can always reinstall Zorin then .... what'ch think ....

Can you test them in VM?