Cant connect to my phone

Hello, i cant connect to my phone with orin connect. i already tried to add it manually but it isnt working at all

Would you mind providing more details? You're question is vague and gives us nothing to respond to.

What you gave, "Bluetooth not working, i tried everything.... help" . What we need, "i have an Asus A17 laptop with Realtek wifi/Bluetooth adapter (8822ce) and the Bluetooth doesn't see any devices. I searched this link, this link and the solutions didn't work for me... any help would be appreciated".

Do you see the difference?

Oh yeah sorry, i have a aSUS laptop x73s and i tried:

  • Manually connecting
  • and Zorin Connect ... not connecting! (the solved answer)
    and it didnt work. Any tips?
    P. S. I have a wifi connection that is split into 2 wifis (2,4 gigagerts and 5) coming form one router

You are best using 2.4 GHz - whilst 5 is faster it is more flaky than 2.4 GHz channel.