Change from Mint to Zorin

Dear Zorin-Team,
I was using for 3 years linux mint, but having again boot problems as my boot partition was only 500mb, i decided to search for a new distro and found your great work.
I am using it on a dell latitude e7470 and its working really great. Up to now i can say that now i really do not have a reason to try to install again windows.
Zorin OS is really great, its working smooth, it is functional, it is easy to understand and additionally the design is very nice. Maybe a little bit too much apple but not really an issue.
Questions for me is only the name and the logo. Actually in that times in west europe the "Z" you will not find easier more fans. Maybe the name can be changed to like Zorino or Zorina, that sounds more friendly and maybe the logo can be changed? May be not only the Z but a logo with ZOS as a play for NOS? "ZOS is bringing a lot of speed to your computer" :slight_smile:

Thank you again and thank you that the lite version is for free.

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The last name of the two brothers is Zorin - their choice. It’s a great success story. They started in their teens.


Hi, and welcome to the forum!

This has already been discussed thoroughly...

This is normal, boot partitions are typically around that size. I'm glad that you like ZorinOS but maybe there's some other underlying issue, could be the because of something you installed during an update inadvertently or perhaps even at the hardware level. Just saying this in case you experience similar issues again while using ZorinOS.

Feel free to change it however you like! You can find plenty of examples for inspiration in this thread:

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Also if you used Cinnamon DE you can install that on Zorin too, like Frog did.

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Yes for sure. But it is an older Cinnamon desktop versus some of newer enhancements for Cinnamon. Not sure if they back-port the newer Cinnamon to Zorin's Ubuntu 20.04 base.

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