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Hallo, Zorinistas. I got dragged away into Trisquel by force of circumstance, but have just installed Z15 onto a little machine. When I last used Zorin, Wine came installed, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. I've been into the 'Software' ap, and am bedazzled by what's on offer. I simply want to see if two or three favourite Windows aps, not really paralleled under Linux, will run in this environment. What should I choose to install, please sorry, can't find the question mark on a strange keyboard !
Ian G, Wales UK

First, you post this in the tutorial section. Since this is a question i have moved your post to General Help.

Second, you are already in the tutorial section and there are tutorials for installing windows software in linux. The forum also comes with a search button by the way...

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Try Walkthrough/Tips for troubleshooting - PlayOnLinux (POL) - running Windows applications easier than plain vanilla Wine


Or to install wine:

sudo apt install zorin-windows-app-support

Or search and install Windows App Support in Gnome-Software...

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Thank you for the various replies, and I apologise if I have upset anybody. Yes, I did use the search facility, and had the same problem I had had with what my computer offered me - you need a certain level of expertise to make sense of what you are offered, in either case.
Incidentally, I did tick for 'notification' and have had none, which I think is a problem I've had here in the past.
Ian Graham

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