Computer asks me to log in twice

It happened a couple of times that after I open the lid on my XPS, the laptop wakes up and asks for the login, which I do, and after a couple of seconds, it asks me for the login again. Any ideas as to why that is and how I can fix it?

I also noticed that when I restart the laptop, I can choose Zorin advanced and a couple of other Zorin things I didn't have since my last install of Zorin. I tried to change that in the boot options, but it didn't work. Any help is much appreciated.
It usually boots after I select Zorin but shouldn't it start immediately?

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It happened to me, too (Password requested 3 times :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?). By the way, it's really rare, at least to me. Just search login loop with Zorin Forum search bar to see results like this :point_down:

I was more thinking about this


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