Counterfeit USB/micorSD?

I'm going to help you some more. Buy this...

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Feels like that is the exact same one I have. I mean the sandisk.

Nah, it is too expensive.
Just buy a pack of three 8 or 16 GB. It is way cheaper.

I see USB stick more a consumable.
They will all fail eventually. I did not feel those nameless brand fails any faster than the brand names.


The problem with cheap or off-brand USB sticks...

Those without Ethics program the USB stick to read as if it has more capacity than it has (To save costs).
So, you might buy a 16gig stick, but it is actually an 8gig stick, programmed to read as if it was a 16 gig. And you won't find out about the scam until you put enough data on it to exceed the capacity. By then, the seller has gotten away. Or it throws errors that you cannot decipher, so you never figure out that it was a scam.

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I would not worry about counterfeit for such a small capacity range.

It is more a problem for fake 64/128GB USB and microSD.
It works like a counterfeit bill.
Why fake 5 Euro bill when one can fake 100 Euro bill?

After I got bitten by several of those fake large capacity memories, I now routinely run this Linux app immediately I receive the item and demand refund is it fails this capacity test.

You can with the above test.


Similar with USB Hubs, too. They claim to be 3.0 when they are 2.0.

Got a linuxbabe test for that, too? :stuck_out_tongue:
(I know there is one, I have tested hubs in terminal before. AND confronted the seller with the evidence. It made no difference though... Both he and Amazon refused to follow up on it).

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It seems return policy is way more on the consumer side in Europe.
We can return the item within 30 days if we do not like it without any specific reason. It is not just Amazon but many stores adopt the same policy. I even cannot remember how many items I sent back to them in last 10 years.

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Here, if the seller is "Amazon" then you usually can just return it normally. If it is an "Amazon Seller" (Not sold by Amazon but by a seller with an Amazon account) then you must request that seller to perform a return.
Needless to say, a shady seller selling shady things will shy away from a shake down.

I then contacted Amazon who essentially said, "Not our warehouse, not our problem".

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Here in Europe, Amazon gives you Amazon A-Z guarantee.
I think it is not because they want to be nice to you but they must obey to the EU consumer protection law.

I reported a few sellers who sold counterfeit/defective items and refuse to refund. In all instances, I got a full refund and the seller is permanently banned from the Amazon market place.
Yes, justice! :crossed_swords:


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Counterfeit USB/micorSD?

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The extreme low life limited write situation on flash drives, is exactly why I use USB SSD external hard drives now. The thing is, it usually costs 5-times as much for equivalent sized SSD drive.

FrenchPress thinks 11 dollars was too much for that 64GB flash drive. I beg to differ, prices on USB flash drives have never been cheaper. Like I said, simular sized SSD drive, your looking at 60 bucks.

And SSD prices are only going up up up up up because of the tech shortage. So, 11-dollars gets you a name branded flash drive, and a quality one at that. Did you read the specs on it?

100MBPS read, that is quite fast, which means that as long as your computer isn't as slow as a slug and a snail on a sidewalk, you should be able to make a full OS installation really quickly, cause thats about reading off the drive, not writing it.

Writing speeds are typically always slower with flash drives and hard drives, but it doesn't matter. It takes however long it takes to burn an ISO, its not that big of a deal. As long as the install goes well, thats what counts.


I think I did not explain well about my USB stick management strategy. I agree with you that the price for that 64GB flash is quite reasonable :slight_smile:

My USB stick management is based on the concept of wear levelling. As you might have noticed I love to try out all sorts of different distros and I do need many USB sticks. Each Linux distro requires less than 8GB capacity for the installer, I'd rather have 8 x 8GB USB sticks rather than a single 64GB. Certainly I could have used something like Ventoy to write multiple installers on a single USB. But single installer on a single USB is easier to label and manage.

I will show you my current collection of Linux installers USB sticks.

I cannot afford to buy the same number of 64GB USB sticks. Among this collection, you can see Sandisk and Kingston mingled with lesser known brands. The irony is that I lost more Kingston sticks than any other brand :frowning:

By sticking to small capacity sticks (pan intended), I also have a less chance to get hit by a counterfeit. While I experienced several fake 64/128 GB sticks, I've never seen fake 4/8/16 GB capacity sticks.

And finally, if my USB got destroyed by a bad USB writing application such as Belena, my financial damage would be minimal :money_with_wings:


Thank you for explaining, as clarification was needed, I consider myself clarified, and I understand. What you are doing makes sense. Its smart!

My favorite is Diet Pi UEFI PC, its a nice looking USB stick, and it can do neat things like rotate and plugin! :stuck_out_tongue:

But alas I don't see the Zorin USB, is it just my old eyes, I can't find it, wears Zorin?


On the top row, second from right is Zorin16 Pro.
It is upside down and my bad handwriting does not help to make it easy to read.

You can also see Zorin 15,3 Lite in the middle raw right side.

That exactly what I posted in my message #3
Yes, they are very practical.
My husband also thought so and he appropriated a red colour one for his own use. Lucky for him, he has an IT supply centre in my office :wink:


Good news for you. :newspaper:
CCP completely banned the virtual currency as of today.

Let's hope the price would get back to normal soon.



That is super good news for all of us who care about fair prices on technology. And that means prices on USB sticks will fall further.

FrenchPress, you always know how to put a smile on my face. But you know what they say though, the best of waking up, is coffee in our cups. And on that note, I have the percolator plugged in right now, and its percolating coffee.

HEHE I am so excited :grin:


One more good news to accompany your morning coffee. :coffee:
We now got one more member to our Zorin user league:


I am very happy about this FrenchPress. I like it when our Zorin family expands. I want lots of brother and sisters. So glad to have Thirnteenth around, enjoying Zorin OS. :smiley:


The more the merrier :partying_face:


You sure it wasn't a gnome instead of a fairy?

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