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Hello. In Zorin Core I can’t find option to customize taskbar. Before I installed Zorin Core, I tried Zorin Lite and I succeeded to customize taskbar (to arrange stuffs and add features like workspaces and other panels).

What should I do in Zorin Core to costumize taskbar?

David, Zorin Lite uses the XFCE desktop whereas Core uses the Gnome Desktop. While the XFCE4-panel (taskbar) is easily configurable, the Gnome version is a lot less intuitive.

You will probably want gnome tweak tool if you have not installed it already.

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweaks

You can try a gnome extension:

I am sure there are other ways through gconf, as well. I stopped using GNome due to such changes to the desktop environment that I found counterproductive and stick with Zorin Lite.

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Your other options are to look at other Desktop Environments, LXQt, Enlightenment, Cinnamon. I’d love to get CairoDock DE working but it just won’t work with the latest distro’s based on 18.04.

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Thank you all for the help. I appreciate that because I am fresh Linux user.
I found website with desktop environments

Will something bad would be if I use commands in terminal to apply desired enviroment?

I recommend trying to install packages using Synaptic first: Installing packages using Synaptic Package Manager GUI

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