Desktop completely hangs while web browsing

I've been using Zorin for almost 2 weeks now and I'm completely new to linux entirely. I use google chrome for my normal work but sometimes the computer completely freezes cursor doesn't move, desktop display can't be turned off, keyboard neither normal keys nor keys such as caps lock or num lock fail to switch on the light present on the keyboard. It seems to only happen while web browsing and only way to get out of this is doing a force shutdown and switching it on again. I'm currently using Zorin OS 16 Core Version, how can I prevent this? I apologize if this has been asked here already or I'm using incorrect tags for the question. Thank You

How much RAM do you have?
How did you install Chrome Browser?
It sounds, by your description, like it is Filling the RAM completely.

Ya, Zorin Os doesn't have chrome and chromium in there repositories. And I don't advise you to use Flatpak or Snap for an important application like browsers. The steps to install Chromium(Free and Open Source version of Chrome)

  1. Download from Linux Mint Repo

Dowload Chromium .deb from Linux Mint, choose the latest version.
Index of /pool/upstream/c/chromium/

  1. Open your File Manager (Nautilus) and locate chromium_92.0.4515.159_linuxmint1+uma_amd64.deb

  2. Open your Terminal with Ctrl + Alt + T the type then following

#This will install the chromium
sudo dpkg -i chromium_92.0.4515.159_linuxmint1+uma_amd64

  1. Customize Chromium since it's from Linux Mint it will have bunch of Linux Mint stuff added to it, you can remove all the changes Linux Mint.

  2. Enjoy

Yes you can use the software store by double click on the .deb file but sometimes it's faster to do it the old fashion way. Keep in mind, if Linux Mint updates chromium the name might change.

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Please give use more system information if you can.

Something tells me the OP has a dual core machine with 2GB to 4GB of RAM. This behavior has been seen on another Linux users machine who has such hardware.

But I agree, we need more info to be sure. For the record, I don't use the Chromium browser. Firefox can be installed from the REAPO. And you can install Chrome via DEB file from their website.

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I use Chromium because it's faster than Chrome, has less telemetry and it's open source.

Well, thats true dual core 4gb ram, so should i change to the lite version

I did suspect that would've been the reason but since I only have 4 GB ram I use only use one application at a time. Also idle ram seems to be around 40% while with google chrome it has never crossed above 70% is it still possible. Oh and i forgot to mention this but i downloaded Google Chrome from their official site

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You downloaded what type of installer file from Google Chrome official site?

4 gigs really should be plenty enough to run Zorin OS. But where browsers are concerned... They can sometimes get pretty greedy with RAM.

In chrome://settings, then Advanced check if the option "use hardware acceleration when available" is checked to on. If so, uncheck that, then restart to test.

The .deb file since it was already selected by default for me

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I've done that just now after I saw your reply however the computer hasn't really hanged today at all even though I have been using Zorin for a while now, it did twice yesterday hence I was concerned

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Hey, sorry for replying again but even after turning off hardware acceleration it still happens

Is it only Chrome Browser that is freezing the system?

I wonder if following Kedrick's installation instructions from above may work to provide a better copy of Chrome.

If it is indeed only the Chrome browser that is doing it, then the cause could be due to GPU rasterization. It doesn't always play nice with all systems. Do disable it, follow these steps...

(1) Launch Chrome browser

(2) Type the following into the address bar and hit enter. chrome://flags

(3) Change GPU Rasterization to DISABLED

(4) Close the Chrome browser, then launch it again.

Let us know how it goes.

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Alright, just did that. I'll let you know if it happens again!

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