Desktop shortcut on Z17 Nautilus left panel missing


I recently installed Z17 on my OS partition with a separate home folder. So far, everything has been fine – it's not my first time doing this.

However, I'm encountering some minor issues, which I believe stem from residual settings from my Z16 home.

For instance, I can't locate the shortcut to the Desktop in the Nautilus left panel, which is quite useful!

However, it appears to be correct in the user-dirs.dirs file:

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks! :blush:

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Look at this: Nautilus Category Entry

Thanks, even though I understand that there is no way to have this shortcut properly with Nautilus 42.6. I don't want to use Nemo; it's quite annoying to remove useful features!

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Yes... yes, it is...

I tried Nemo but it wasn't mine so I continued using Nautilus. And there is one Option that you can use to get a Desktop Entry at the Side. Look at the Screenshot please:

You see at the Side at the Bottom ''Schreibtisch''. That is the german Word for Desktop. I would realy prefer to have it IN the Group above but so ... it is there. There is no other Option so I must take it like this or ... nothing. If You can live and work with that You could make it like this, too.

You simply take the Desktop Icon (on the Picture it is called ''Schreibtisch'' again) what You can see at the right Side in the first Row the first Icon from right. Move it with the Mouse to the left to the Categories. Than it lands at the Bottom between the Trash Symbol and Other Places.

Thanks @Ponce-De-Leon. Thats what I did too... but I finally got it back in the afternoon when I replaced Wayland by X11 (many drag and drop bugs):

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