Dock Position

Hello, just stared using Zorin OS 16

How can I change the position of this dock from left to bottom?

Please open Zorin Appearance from the app menu, then select the Layouts Tab in the left pane.
Choose the layout you prefer.


Hi choose that layout, but doesn't include option to put that dock to bottom. So, there is now way to put only that dock to button with that layout?

I am not sure... I do not use Zorin OS Core, I use Zorin OS Lite.
Perhaps a more knowledgeable Gnome User may help.
@Storm @FrenchPress @zabadabadoo

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@aungkoko Go to Zorin Appearance select Interface

Scroll down to bottom of page select Dash Settings

go to middle of screen ( says Position on Screen) select bottom or whichever you like


Edit - If this works and it should please select my instruction as Solved :+1:



Hey @Bubby , Can I know which version of Zorin you using?
Mine is Zorin 16, and I don't find Dash Settings. In fact, it doesn't even include in extensions list.

Zorin 16 Pro (it's in my profile just click to see)

I see. I am using Zorin 16 Core. Maybe that's the reason. Thank you.

You may have to install Gnome tweaks

The current layout may have bearing on which settings you see. Can you both check if you are using the same layout?

We are not and I selected his and it still shows the Dash setting for me. Must be that I have Gnome Tweaks install

I'm also already installed, just Zorin Dash is not listed in extensions list at all. Is there a way I can install Zoin Dash?

Enjoy your Zorin and glad i

yes, I did

I just logged in on Zorin OS Core (Gnome) and looked; I also do not have Dash Settings.
Is this only included in Zorin OS Pro (I'd be surprised, if so...)?

Might try:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-zorin-dash

EDIT: YEP - that did the trick. I now have the Dash Settings.


Yes, I does solve now. Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I wonder why didn't they initially included, this was confusing.


Enjoy Zorin glad it was solved

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...I stole your thunder... sorry...:stuck_out_tongue:


It's not about me! It's about helping


@Bubby @Aravisian yea, thank you both :grin: