Does "LibreOffice" Actually Work?

I have spent some time trying to find out if anyone has got Libra to work.
By that I mean work effectively. My installation is the latest on Zorin 17 and this Libra thing is like a 3 legged Dog. Only worse.
Some articles I have come across suggest allocating more memory to Libra, but how is this done ?

Open Office seems to work well "ish"
But looking at Libra it appears to have all the "Bells and Whistles" but so far are so slow as to make this programme not fit for purpose.

Am I missing something ?

I am actually impressed by the capabilities of this suite. Yes it takes quite some getting used to, if you've spend a lifetime on the not so "libre" MS-Office, but we've been able to do things with Libre that MS could not do. And work with huge documents with 100's of linked frames wihout any problems.

OK, it's not the quickest starting suite, but neither is MS, and yes it prefers some memory, but so does ...

We're quite pleased with this product and prefer it over Open Office.

See if you get better results with OnlyOffice, or my preferred suite, SoftMaker Office. Just before lockdown I got a 5 machine licence of SoftMaker Office. I was a Vision Support Technician modifying documents into large print and Braille. When I sent LibreOffice Writer files in .docx format they were not Compatible. However using SoftMaker Office TextMaker, and saving as .docx the files opened perfectly in MS Office. My workflow was faster using TextMaker than MS Word in any version. Have only recently discovered that the subscription version of SoftMaker Office NX includes the open source language translator DeepL.
Give the free version a try from here:

The latest Pro version now has QR and barcode templates, and at long last, image compression.

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I see that your reply is marked with a tick indicating situation solved.
Far from it.

MS Office opens in a blink of an eye.
Two blinks on a bad day.

And how do I allocate more memory?
But leaving aside the opening speed, the operating speed is absolutely appalling.

The single most important applications that is needed by every user of all kinds, is a decent Office/Word application.

So, why does Linux not have one, either free or paid ?

I am downloading it now.
Will let you know how I get on.

Many thanks !

What is your machine spec, particularly CPU, RAM and graphics?

Here are my specs .......

ASUS Z97 WS - i74790K - 32GB DDR3 - NVIDIA GTX960

You may try one of these other options:

It may be worth also going through the LibreOffice forums and ask there directly as well. Others have reported similar issues:

Many thanks !
I have looked at a couple already that perform better than Libre.

I am going to uninstall Libra, and as time goes on, a lot of other stuff.

Thanks again.

I have had a good look at this page and the RAM allocation pages do not exist on my version of Libra, and when I key in memory into the search box I get nothing ?

I have never needed to tweak with any settings in LibreOffice so I'm not familiar with them, but it looks like the memory option was removed from LibreOffice a while back.

For reference, LibreOffice launches instantly for me on a virtual machine with a single core and 4GB of RAM, so I doubt that memory is the issue. My guess is something related to the graphics card āˆ’ Nvidia is not known for playing well with open source software.
But this is just a wild guess, it could be entirely unrelated. Like I said, I never had any problems with LibreOffice.

I had wondered about that and checked for the latest Nvidia driver and then downloaded it.
On Zorin it shows that I am using some "Open Source" driver ?
Despite there being the latest "Tested" driver in the driver list.

I tried installing in terminal from the downloads folder and near the end I got an error message.
I tried installing from the Zorin drivers folder which took a very long time, so it must have been downloading all over again, and got the same error message.

This is the recommended Nvidia tested Linux driver for my GPU.

But it is being blocked from installing ?

Beware of listed Nvidia drivers labelled "Proprietary Tested".
From other reports by those that know more than me above Nvidia graphics here on the forum, those "Tested" versions tend to be more problematic than others listed, so suggest you choose different.

EDIT: It may have been just the 470 Proprietary Tested driver that was found to be a bad one. ref: Which Nvidia driver should I choose? - #5 by Aravisian


Thanks for the info I will take a look.

For what it is worth, Libre Office runs fine on my 2007 vintage dual-core laptop with 4Gb RAM, so should be OK on yours.
I assume as you have Nvidia graphics, you are using X11 screens, not Wayland.

X11 Screens ?
What are they ?

But certainly not Wayland that I know of.

Just been to the Zorin X account and as you can see it is supposed to have the bang up to date bees knees of Libra installed.

My system will not let me install a Nvidia driver, I have another post about this.
My GTX960 GPU is running on some sort of open source driver, and the system gives me an error message if I try to change it ?

I am getting other installation denial messages too ?

But one thing at a time.

The day before yesterday, or was it the day before that ? I put in a support request because of the various problems that I have been having.
(They seem to be accumulating) When I purchased Zorin I was provided with a numbered receipt and that was it. No registration or activation code of any kind, but this is required to get support. I asked for support and provided my receipt number. I have still not heard back from them.

For the past couple of days I have been in touch with "Paddle" about getting this code along with my receipt and I have still not heard back from them either.

If Libra is not working on my machine, the problem is with the software/Zorin, not my PC. Unless I have done something wrong and need support, which brings us full circle back to square one again.

There are two windowing systems alternatives X11 and Wayland. Before Z17 the default was traditional X11, from Z17 default is now Wayland.
For most users you can switch between these from the login screen. Go to login and you should find a gear-wheel (or cog) icon on right of login screen. Hit that.
For Nvidia you should be using X11, not Wayland.
(You may not even be offered a choice, but I don't have Nvidia so don't know what you will see)

Can I ask a more basic question. When you installed ZorinOS, did you first check the SHA256 checksum of the downloded .iso file against the Zorin published value. I am concerned that your troubles could be related to a bad download or corrupted .iso.

I did not check anything.
I thought that these days files checked themselves, and gave an error message if the download was incomplete.

Some reading: Before you install

Just checked the iso used to install Zorin using the method that you advised.

Everything tallies.
The result, was the required result.

As an aside, I have installed Libra on a W10 machine.

Very impressive !!