Dual Boot Win 7/Zorin Version Update and Partition Help

Hello All!

I have been in a dual boot Win 7/Zorin (now 12.04) environment since 2016. I would like to find a way to keep my partitions as intact as possible because part of my Linux Zorin install partition includes my timeshift backups and I would rather not lose them. I use Linux 99% time, but the other 1% Win OS use is required for my distant learning children wherein the school requires work to be completed and submitted through windows environment programs, and sites that only support windows (particularly an testing and exam site). Otherwise, I would scrap its use altogether. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can accomplish this? What information would be necessary to best advise? I have a 2 TB total drive, partioned as 600 tb assigned to windows, 562 tb unallocated (want to use this unallocated space as zorin 15.02 Ultimate Install space), 8 gb swap, ext 4 for zorin 12.04, ext 4/home 598 gb (timeshift saves stored here). Ideally, I would like to find a solution that enables me to share a ext4/home portion between them both to ensure I have access to my backed up settings and data that I wish to incorporate between both 12.4 & 15.2 OS as ability allows. I want to be sure I get this right so a step-by-step would be great! Thank you in advance! Patience with me as I am a noobie here! Mistakes are unintentional!

The only thing I am aware of is saving the home partition. I don’t know if that necessarily addresses all your questions. Please see:

Something else that may interest you:

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