Dynamic Wallpapers

I want to install dynamic wallpapers using the following guide:

But the wallpaper is not changing. I've tried it on other Ubuntu based distros too it work there. Really hope this works it's one of the things which is stopping me from moving to Zorin.

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As I understand it, Zorin OS 16 Core comes with a similar feature, that changes wallpaper according to time of day. A quick edit to the .xml file can change the times it changes.

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There is only a single wallpaper that does that in Zorin OS for now. I want to install the wallpapers from GitHub or add some of my own ones.

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This should be possible by adding your preferred wallpapers to the referenced directory or replacing the files in there with your preferred wallpapers.
At this moment, I am on my way out the door and I cannot recall the exact location of the directory - But there is a thread I participated in on this forum from a month or so ago that covered changing the times for the wallpaper changer. You might try searching the forum using different keywords.
When I get back, I will try finding better information - and - perhaps another helpful user will step in with tips for doing so, too.


Ok Thanks a lot. The GitHub script "Dwall" had a lot of dynamic wallpapers which I like and there was a way to add more wallpapers too. I wanted that on Zorin. Like a custom dynamic wallpaper manager or something. Or just "Dwall" to work.

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Hello @DisinfectBlood, if you need the location of the zorin mountain .xml file, it is located at usr/share/backgrounds/zorin-mountain. As Aravisian said, you can edit this file to display the wallpapers you want as dynamic wallpaper.

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Thanks Jeslin. :slight_smile:

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I'm new to linux. Can you give an example? Like how do I add an Heic file?

I've tried to copy my files to the usr/share/backgrounds folder. But it says you do not have permission

All you need to do is,

• go download the wallpaper you want from the github page and save it
where you like.

• then open the .xml file of zorin mountain dynamic wallpaper located at
usr/share/backgrounds/zorin-mountain and the select all the code in
it and the create a new text file and paste the code code in it and save
it. Make sure to save it as a .xml file.

•Now you can open the file again and change the location of the files
given in it with what you downloaded from github and the go to gnome
tweaks to change the background to the xml file.

And you are not the only one new to linux. I am new too.

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You can save it anywhere. But if you really need to do it there the type sudo nautilus in terminal and navigate there. But be careful, I did it once and messed up and was about to lose gnome. Pasting it in any other location also works. :wink:

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The XML thing is for after changing the wallpaper right? For the dynamic thing. I can do this with a Cron job. That is easier. But the problem is i'm not able to change the wallpaper

Check the commands here. The wallpaper is not applying with the commands

No, the .xml file is used for changing the wallpaper. If you want it to do it in an easier way, I am going to make one with the files you gave through the github page. And then if you want I can give you the codes in the .xml file and you can change it a little to display the wallpapers you need.

You can also do it yourself. I can guide you.

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If possible can you do the .xml file.. I will learn it from there. Thanks a lot man. This is really confusing. Thanks in advance

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Root is the "sensitive areas" portion of the operating system. Because of this, it is password protected.

You have permission, as long as you enter your password. In order to enter it, you must tell the system that you want to.
You can do this by opening a terminal with ctrl+alt+t
Then put into it:

sudo -i

Now you have provided your password, tell it you want to launc the file manager in Root:


Now you can navigate to usr/share/backgrounds/zorin-mountain and make any changes you wish to.

I agree that you will need some pointers on how to set up the .xml file in the way you want to. If you have never done it before, it looks like Greek.


Hello again. I have successfully created the .xml file and tested it. Now let's go through the process of adding the dynamic wallpaper. First, let's get you the .xml file that you need. This is going to look longer than it should, but it works.


(For some reason, I had troubles making one with the zorin mountain one. But, I did successfully edit that file and make a dynamic wallpaper out of it once. Idk why it did not work in the zorin mountain xml file. So the one given above is of another xml file I found in my trash.)

Now follow the following steps:

• Unzip the file given in the link.

• Cop the folder and paste it to Pictures.

• In the xml file change the 'jeslin' to your username.

• Go to gnome tweaks, if you don't have gnome tweaks installed, you can
install it using sudo apt install gnome-tweaks.

• In gnome tweaks, go to appearance and select background and on
image set it to Dynamic-Wallpaper.xml .

If you want to change the pictures you can edit the xml file and do it. You can name the images as 1,2,3 and 4 and replace the existing ones. If you want to switch them with more than 4 wallpapers, you can download them and then you can change the location of a few images in the .xml file I gave you. You can reply here if you face any issues.

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Thank you. This helps a lot. This works for a wallpaper for 4-5 images but there are some with 20+ images. Should i just add them in the xml files.. Like just change the numbers and use the same commands?

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After reading this thread, even I can tell you that I wouldn't want to do all this. So, if there is anybody handy with programming code, this would be an excellent excuse for someone making a GUI APP, that can do all this easier then the unnecessary technical manual method.

I am thinking of an APP where you input the location of your downloaded LIVE wallpaper. The APP could extract the zipped file for you, and then place the files where they need to go on the system, and edit whatever config files need to be edited to make it right. Then the user could select which live wallpaper they want to run at the moment.


Well the GitHub page i mentioned did it.. You can even add more wallpapers and use the terminal to apply them. But it is not working on Zorin. So i had to ask

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There could already be apps like that.

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