Zorin OS Screenshot thread

Beta is really just the pre-release of the OS, not an actual Beta update. I think there is a nightly repo of Zorin not too sure


Beta was the testing version of Zorin OS 16. Zorin OS 16 is now Released. There are no nightly builds among the users - everything on the Zorin Repository is what is currently most up to date.


No live wallpaper at the moment.


Nothing special, but I find it astoundingly pleasing all the same. Such a nice distro this day and I become more and more attached to this distro for every day.

I just wish the pro version had more of those dynamic wallpapers. That would have been hella nice. Particurarly when it's such a pain to set up.


Since I found myself staring at it for awhile, I am going to have to give it a like, I really appreciate the details in that, feels like a real place, even though its not real.

Also, its my opinion that Zorin OS 9 had the best LIVE wallpaper, an animated starfield. I did not much care for the LIVE wallpaper that came with OS 12. I never ran OS 15 so don't know what it came with.

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Here you can find the wallpaper including others as well. Although I think this one was the best of the bunch.

I'm on ZorinOS 16 :smiley:


Then we can cut something from Zorin OS 9 best live wallpapers and put in Zorin 16 Pro?

What a calm and gorgeous wallpaper



This is what my desktop looks like. I just made small changes by changing the background, theme and system menu. (Theme Dracula and system menu switched to ArcMenu.


Wow, is that what Arc menu looks like these days? It reminds me a lot of Mint Menu.

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Yes, ArcMenu is really great. You can choose from many different themes and customize them as you like. It is a great shell extension for Gnome.

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I love the purple, its quite nice. :purple_heart:

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I think this wallpaper might make a big hit in Japan during the rainy season :cloud_with_rain:

Thankies! Purple is on of my favorite colors!

Why is that?

Anyone has a good site for 4k wallpapers ?

Rain drops!
We are under the rain for 2 months.

I have this in the bookmark.
But perhaps it is not what you are thinking.

Thats a long time. But my wall paper is a nasa picture of the Saturn I think.

Cool, I will take a look on that.

This is actually really nice. Kinda my style xD Great work :slight_smile:

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