Dyslexic fonts and Office Suites!

In the last week of my employment I discovered that there is a dyslexic font designed by a dyslexic - dyslexie - sadly not free.
They also produce a dyslexic office suite Dyslexia Office:

But there is a similar one, opendyslexic font.
This font can be installed using the terminal - instructions on the page.

Hope this is useful for any dyslexics out there.
Just to add following info from another site I found that dyslexie font was the most preferred followed by opendyslexic font with Comic Sans coming in third place.

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Well thought I would update you all - OpenDyslexic will only show on screen - you can't print it out! That is because it is an .otf font. Have tried using FontForge to change to TTF for printing but it is a no goer. You have been advised!

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Probably to prevent users from printing out illegible "Missing Cat" Flyers that non-dyslexic people cannot decipher. :smiley:

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It is a bit of side note, but my ex was a school teacher and he studied a dyslexia as a part of his training. He has discovered that dyslexia is almost non-existent in countries like China and Japan, where fonts have a pictogram nature compared with Latin alphabets countries.

This makes sense to me. In the Roman Lettering, we do not actually look at each character. It is more 'pattern recognition' of the word as a whole. Which is why we can read txtspk.

Arabic does not bother with Vowels, at all. They are implied in writing and only exist in spoken form. So all Arabic is txtspk.

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Which makes Japanese character sets even more interesting. Unlike Chinese we have three different character sets, namely, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji (Chinese character).

The first 2 are purely phonetic like alphabets.
Sometimes we play with those different sets of characters to make jokes which are impossible to explain for non-Japanese speaking people.

@swarfendor437 Would it be good idea to link this to your accessibility thread: https://forum.zorin.com/t/the-accessibility-thread/60

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