Dyslexic fonts and Office Suites!

In the last week of my employment I discovered that there is a dyslexic font designed by a dyslexic - dyslexie - sadly not free.
They also produce a dyslexic office suite Dyslexia Office:

But there is a similar one, opendyslexic font.
This font can be installed using the terminal - instructions on the page.

Hope this is useful for any dyslexics out there.
Just to add following info from another site I found that dyslexie font was the most preferred followed by opendyslexic font with Comic Sans coming in third place.

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Well thought I would update you all - OpenDyslexic will only show on screen - you can't print it out! That is because it is an .otf font. Have tried using FontForge to change to TTF for printing but it is a no goer. You have been advised!

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@swarfendor437 Would it be good idea to link this to your accessibility thread: https://forum.zorin.com/t/the-accessibility-thread/60

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