Errno 5: input/output error

I've recently tried to download Zorin OS 17 on an 8GB USB drive, and I selected the "Erase disk and install Zorin OS" installation type, so now my Windows is gone. The installation failed with the error code "Errno 5: input/output error". If anyone has a way to install Windows or fix the problem while on an uninstalled Zorin OS, that'd be greatly appreciated. (I don't have another USB drive)

Device: Lenovo Lenovo YOGA 530-14IKB

Error 5 often points to USB stick issue or bad .iso download or creation.
See: Error While Installing Zorin OS - Zorin Help

Did you first check the SHA256 checksum of the downloaded .iso file against the Zorin website published value?
Did you try the USB stick in a different USB port?
Which USB creation tool did you use. If Balena Etcher, try a different tool after first reformatting the USB stick.

If you search the forum here using "error 5" you will see several threads on that subject.

I suggest you acquire some additional USB sticks. If only to cover potential faults in the one you do have.

I assume all you have is ZorinOS on your one USB stick.

I am not sure whether Windows wold have been erased prior to "error 5" occurrance. Others on the forum may know more about the installation sequence and whether or not Windows may be recoverable or truly wiped.

EDIT: Also have a look at this pre-installation advice: Before you install

We had this Problem a couple of Days ago here. Maybe You can find there something: