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My Zorin when bad for some reason, which I was unable to determine. Instead of reinstalling it from fresh, I installed Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon. But, so I can be helpful here, I got my old Dell Inspiron 14Z Ultrabook and put Zorin OS 15.3 Core on there. This will allow me to help others on here when I can. Hope that is ok with everyone.

Hope your 2021 is starting out somewhat better than 2020.



Curious. When you say it went bad, did it maybe have corrupt files, did you change anything, did you try to install a fresh copy…? Mint cinnamon is good.
I use it as well.

Definitely something went south and I was unable to sort it. So I instead of a fresh Zorin, I did Mint 20.

Some steps that might help to solve this issue first off any logs or error messages that pops up?

Steps that might help:

  1. Try to install ZorinOS on other computer to see if the bootable usb works.
  2. Use other program to create a bootable ZorinOS usb.
  3. Re-download the ISO and try to reinstall Zorin Os on a usb.

Thanks. I will keep these for another time. I did a different fix in the end. 136347239_1284698455246802_5639383877205849838_n

I use Zorin Cinnamon and couldn’t be happier with it. :slight_smile:

The Cinnamon Desktop is what Gnome could still be if they had any sense at all.

Can you share a screenshot of your setup? I am curious as to what Zorin with Cinnamon looks like.

I constantly do, anyway… So it is easier to just link to the latest Crime against Humanity:

@Aravisian. Last time the theme was very red. Been up to no good, lately... Cinnamon & XFCE users Unite

As you can see, I am still up to no good.

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You can atone for your sins by frequenting the forum a bit more.

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Eh, I have been posting an embarrassingly large bit, it seems to me.

@Aravisian It is really good to see you appearing more frequently on here. :smile:

Between Covid-19 keeping things tight, the political climate and me having to take things easier due to an injury - I have had more time off my feet. Looking forward to having more time on my feet.

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