Failed to download repository information on Zorin OS 16.3

I just used Synaptic to search for nemo and this is what came up, I will try to remove these, but have no idea if it will solve anything. First though, is this a good idea?

Is that icon on the left showing it as installed?
Synaptic also has a broken packages option in the left pane you can check into, first.
Then, yes, remove those if they are present since the packages are listed for Mint Uma, not for the Focal repositories.

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How do i check if there are broken packages? where in the left pane?

2.) I cant tell what is installed already and what isnt, with Synaptic.

You can see it in this screenshot highlighted in blue.

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Thank you, here is what it says:

Ok, then proceed with the portions from this post:

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Yep, that did it, got nemo installed again. Thank you very much! I owe you a million dollars! :smiley: And also I learned from this and will remember how to solve this on my own now.


@Aravisian , oh great now we got another serious problem. The nemo we just installed is 4.4.2, and it works horribly, it is often freezing and lagging. What I had recently was 5.8.4 & it didnt freeze/lag. Here's a post I made recently asking if I could update to something even newer than 5.8.4.

The Nemo version in the Focal Repos is 4.4.2.

I used Nemo when I was on Zorin OS 16 (Focal) throughout with no freezing or lagging. So, there may be a different issue causing the lag or freezes.

You can upgrade Nemo using the means of the LinuxMint Daily Builds repository, but must remember to remove the repository once Nemo is installed. We have seen above what can happen if the repository is retained, then the system upgrades run - the MintSources package will be installed due to the repository being its source. The MintSources package is not able to know what system you are on and will assume you are on the latest Mint. It will treat your O.S. like it is the latest Mint. And this will conflict with Zorin OS.

I also need to be very clear here about what Nemo is.
Nemo is not just a standalone file viewer. Nemo is an integral part of Desktop Environment management and it, like Nautilus or Thunar, manages many aspects of the Desktop itself. This being the case, a user would be ill-advised to treat it as a package that can be upgraded to a different dependency version than the Base Desktop. You are asking for version Nemo 6, without showing any indications whatsoever for what features it has that you need... And this suggests your motive is in having the latest and greatest just for the sake of having it.
The file manager is part of the Desktop and if you want or need the latest version, you must use it on the desktop it is built to be used with: Mint Cinnamon. Nemo is versatile and stable enough that Nemo 5 works very well on Zorin OS 16; but a user should not punch into the boundaries aimlessly.

Now, when I used Nemo 4.4.2., I never had any performance issues. However, the advent of Nemo 5 brought an advanced file search functionality that I wanted.
In order to properly use and maintain my machinery, the onus is on the user to learn what is needed to do so. This applies to you just as much.

I can only offer limited support at this time.
If this was me, with my machine, I would re-install the O.S. after making back ups and preparing myself mentally for cleaning house and enjoying a fresh install. Mistakes and following a learning curve are a part of life; on any O.S., any computer and in any activity or any relationship. A restart can work wonders.
With a re-install and without repeating the mistakes made that taught some lessons, you may attain greater stability with your computer.


@Aravisian , i have no desire to change my OS or a program if it is running fine. See link below where I documented my nemo file manager(5.8.4) malfunctioning and crashing countless times, about 20% of the time, and still does recently.

We were not able to solve it and I wasnt able to do a fresh install so I just tolerated the nemo problem, very reluctantly.
5.8.4 was the one that crashed a lot, I am not sure if 4.4.2., which i have now, will crash or not. But the reason why I wanted to possibly upgrade to 6.2.1. is because the bugs might be fixed.

"If this was me, with my machine, I would re-install the O.S. after making back ups and preparing myself mentally for cleaning house and enjoying a fresh install."

--Of course, but I dont have a 2nd hard drive to back up my OS to, unfortunately. But I plan to.

I just use USB sticks... I only back up personal data and files. Software and programs can be reinstalled fresh, so I just save a list of what I have installed. I created a tutorial guide on the forum for easily reinstalling the O.S.
The purpose of a re-install of the O.S. is to start fresh, so backing up the entire O.S. would defeat that purpose. You only need to save the files that are in /home and only those which are not System dependent.

These statements do not agree with each other and this confuses me.

Looking through Mints open bug reports, I cannot find anything that directly relates to the issue you describe, nor have I experienced this.
Having such difficulties with your file manager certainly sounds frustrating and inhibiting of your workflow.
But I would not assume that a bug in Nemo is the likely first cause. Nemo extensions that do not match the Nemo Version or SegFaults on the system seem far more likely.
Given the available information:

  • that mintsources was left in place and a system upgrade was then run
  • that this would create package conflicts
  • that various different cinnamon components showed as installed in previous posts...

It seems likely that your current build is a spiderweb of many different actions, installs, removals and remaining configurations. Untangling it would be more stressful to you than some of the more effective options.
As you could see above, we were able to suss out the cause of some issues and how they happened and what to do to nominally solve them or how to prevent them in future. For efficient computer use, the best option is prevention.

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@Aravisian , @Ponce-De-Leon , I have 500GB of data on this OS and login. The next OS I am going to install is going to be either ubuntu, debian, linux mint, or fedora, to see if they are as buggy as ZorinOS. Zorin is my first linux OS I've ever used. Zorin has been quite buggy. There are more bugs with Zorin for me than I have reported here because they dont interfere with my daily flow enough and I have much more important priorities right now.

I also, of course, plan to backup my OS, I just havent had the money to buy another harddrive yet.

And I want to say I appreciate all of your guy's time and help very much. It has been a lifesaver many times.

Nemo extensions that do not match the Nemo Version or SegFaults on the system seem far more likely.

Yep, could be.

It seems likely that your current build is a spiderweb


Can you please give me instructions on how to install a newer nemo, the newer nemo crashed, but wasnt not responding and stuff like this nemo currently is, see screenshot:

Here are my logs, or maybe you can help me fix this nemo version. Thanks!
See log screenshots:

Cinnamon uses javascript wrappers to interact with Gnomes Clutter.
The logs you relay above handle how the script calling on certain functions of Window Display are not possible using Gnomes Clutter with CSD display.
This is normal, however, and the scripting will default back to using the CSD layout, causing no interruption to the user experience. However, a log is generated for any failed action.
Sadly, I do not see anything in your screenshot that gives a clear indication of some kind of conflict that could cause the freezing, lag or crashes you describe. Granted, there is a pop up in the way, however, I can see enough of the text behind it to suss out what they say.
The next screenshot only shows that the file memory management is in use, this allows for faster indexing of used files to speed up responsiveness of the file manager. This is a separate action from what you are dealing with and is also normal.
I do suspect that python is more likely involved (and I dropped this hint in a previous post), but I do not have access to your computer, much less detailed knowledge of all changes made - But python is a very important under-layer to the file manager and if you are installing and removing various versions that have different dependencies, this can corrupt how python is used to manage Nemo Extensions and functionality. I can see how this can cause lag or even crashing, due to a lack of communication needed to launch actions.

It is also possible that a standing corrupted file has been present all along since installing Zorin OS, that has inhibited your efforts to no fault of your own.

To this end...
No, I will not supply any information as to how to install a later version of Nemo. This is not a viable solution given that the information available demonstrates that conflicts arose from supplying later sourced files, already.
You have been repeatedly advised of this X - Y problem you are presenting in two separate threads and multiple posts. I can assist you in trying to resolve certain issues, but not in helping you hoist yourself up by your own petard.

I can only ask that you take the advice given to you by the helpers of the forum into consideration.

There are also other avenues you can explore as to a means of installing an O.S. without needing to transfer 500 gigabytes of data - depending on how much space is available on the drive. For example, let's say you have a 2tb drive, which if you are currently holding 500 gigs of data, you won't want less than 1Tb on that drive as a bare minimum, you can partition a new space for your preferred new O.S. and install there, then use your existing Zorin OS partition as a Data Partition which you can access freely at will to access your data.


When You are like Nemo and finde with the Cinnamon desktop I would think that Linux Mint is worth a Try for You. Some good Points of this Distro:

  • You have the Choice between an Ubuntu Base and a Debian Base
  • it has an LTS Base
  • The Desktop is up-to-date (and so You would get Cinnamon related Software like Nemo up-to-date, too)
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When PC problems can't be overcome/fixable easily there comes a point you have to accept and move on.
A 50+ post thread for a fix of various issues is not likely to be solved without a clean install.
Messing with a system without a backup to my mind is ridiculous.

I would backup my OS if I could. I simply dont have the money right now. And also clean installing my OS requires another SSD.

@Jessie what size is the drive you have your O.S. installed on?

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Its problematic. I only got about 10 gigabytes left of a 600GB SSD. And even if we did a partition for a fresh zorinOS, it would be a bad idea to mess with the partitions of my SSD without backing it up first, hence why I said I need at least another 100GB SSD. I'm raising enough money right now to buy plenty of storage, harddrives and a laptop.