Failed to start zorin in ssd

Hello everyone, problems are happening to me regarding the boot in sdd, one time it works fine but another time it does not start, it is not a zorin problem because it works well in hdd, I thought that the grub install it in hdd and system in ssd. Thanks

Have you used Gparted to see what is put where?

Also dont make the mistake I made once with Z12, when I missed missed the step about checking where boot loader to be installed. That gave me a headache with a non-bootable Zorin back then:

Yes, the error is that, the hdd disk works perfectly but not in ssd, it may be the ssd but if not, nothing would go at all.

Some reading on installing on SSD:

If your problem is BIOS incompatibility:

If your problem is black screen: [SOLVED] Black screen after install - get to the point where Aravisian states “Hit ctrl+x to exit, select “y” to save (I am going off memory here… You may not need to hit “y” at this point)… and continue to boot up.” Now follow instructions below.
Then once booted, run the System Tools -> Software Updater and make sure your Settings look like this. Check for anything under Additional Drivers tab. Then let Software Updater run and install all updates.