Frozen on a screen after installing Zorin OS

Let's proceed forward and see what happens...

Is it supposed to take this long? It's been on this screen for an hour now. I checked the setting to format empty disk space, but on previous times ive installed it its only taken an hour

I have always only ever had a Zorin OS install take 30 minutes from start to finish.

Your computer really does not want to have GnuLinux installed on it.

You can say that again!

Im going to try this again, but this time ill uncheck the option to format empty disk space

Im installing it again, but it appears to be stuck on "retrieving file 116 of 116":

When you boot the LiveUSB, you should first see a Grub Menu asking if you want to Try Zorin
Install Zorin

At the bottom, you should see a prompt to press the e key to edit the grub parameters.
Tap e
look through the gibberish to find
quiet splash
Add this parameter so it looks exactly like
quiet splash noacpi
Then proceed to boot and install...

That's got me through most of the install, but Im now stuck on "running dpkg"

In your BIOS EFI settings, are you set to RAID or to AHCI?


I also just rebooted my pc and it seems to have installed.

It looks like its worked! Im going to work on this tommorow as it's late, but i just shut the pc down, booted it again, and after installing the updates, its working fine


Uh oh...

@Aravisian i just reebooted my pc by turning the power on and off again, and im on the screen of death.

Do you mean a screen that says Initramfs busybox error?
If so, type exit at the prompt and relay what information it provides.

No, Im on the screen as shown on the message above.

Let's try a Linked guide this time:

Im on the recovery menu, and this doesn't look good...

No... that does not look good.

I need to go slather honey all over a cats leg but will be back shortly.


Given this rather odd database error (Which usually means file corruption) and that many of your other installation issues can arise from file corruption:
I would check your Drive itself for signs of failing. A failing Hard Drive could cause each and every one of these issues.
Check your USB stick for failure. It also can cause these issues as it was used to install the O.S.
Check the integrity of the .iso. Only download from the mirrors that ZorinGroup provides. Check the SHA.

Slather honey over a cats leg? :rofl:

How do i check if the drives been corrupted?

I know that the usbs are fine because ive been using two seperate ones, and ive also installed zorin on a really old broken laptop with no issues.

I also think that the isos fine (maybe), i only downloaded it from the zorin website

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You can run a S.M.A.R.T. test to check the integrity of the drive itself.
You can check for other issues by booting into a Different O.S. (Like Zorin OS LiveUSB) and running the fsck command. Never ever run fsck on a mounted drive.