Gnome, GTK and the rest

That article reminds me the move from windows 7 to windows 8/8.1. Microsoft wanted a tablet interface for desktop users, told us the start would not return :joy:. Look at them now hahaha

Tablet interface on a desktop, i hated windows 8 so much :face_vomiting:. That was the reason i tried linux back then.


Hum. It is interesting.
That means more blunder MS makes more Linux users we would get?
I can hardly wait for Windows 11 (in a different meaning).

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'Til they see Gnome and run for Mac.

Gnome isnt that bad for beginners

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I think it really depends. Some Microsoft users may feel right at home with Gnome. But many find it very difficult to work with.

Hopefully default DE on Zorin shifts to XFCE by then.
Did you know that XFCE originated in France?
Vive la France!

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KDE or Cinnamon...personally i love cinnamon. But i am a windows user since windows 3.11

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I am a DOS user since DOS V.


I switched to Linux when my Windows broke.

I switched to Windows when my abacus broke.


A yes dos, used that too to run duke nukem 3d and wolfenstein 3d :grin:.

The good old days

I still have a ZX81.

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That machine is 40 years old :innocent:

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I dont think so. Especially not with the opinions shared among avid Linux-users and supporters like in this very thread. Most likely people will slowly switch to 11, depending on MS strategy and Linux will stay at the 1-2% it is right now.


Thanks. I will probably do so, though i assume that i m going to be the outlier here with a critical pov towards linux(-distros!).
I simply dont see how Aravisons opinion towards nonlinux users
applies with the fact, that he is moderating a forum of zorin os, a distro
which is trying exactly what he rejects.

Honestly... I am going to be very Clear On This:
I see no reason to be diplomatic of your tactic of immediately resorting to asserting that the task or function of having to moderate the forum can be formed into a personal attack on my character.

We do not have to agree on everything in order for either of us to perform a task or a function.

We do not have to agree on everything in order to use Linux or Zorin OS.

And simply put, to state otherwise is contrary to the FOSS spirit. Having choices, options and diversity is one of the things that differentiates Windows from Linux.

Having different ideas and opinions and expressing them in a free forum of the exchange of ideas tests our assumptions and biases.
It is what keeps us in the straight and narrow. It helps to press back against complacency and from oppressive motives.
Look around the world; at all the things you either agree with or disagree with - and imagine that world without anyone who will speak up for any of it.

You, yourself say that you may be an outlier due to your "critical pov towards Linux", then you question me for having a critical pov - then suggest that is a Character Flaw by immediately honing in on a task I am assigned on this forum.

Please stick to debating the merit of points made in the topic at hand, not to personally questioning the integrity of others.


If your need a new moderator, just think about me :sweat_smile:

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I m not sure how you read a personal attack in my comment.
I read the whole thread and came to the conclusion that
your opinion on how Linux should be and how users should
approach this OS is kinda diametrical to what Zorin OS is trying
to achieve (and the way it does so).
Imagine someone advocating for a vegan lifestyle and
at the same time taking on the task to help people pick
the finest meat for their barbecue. Can happen,
sure, there might be reasons i dont know, the person might be excellent at what he is doing, but at first glance it looks odd, imho.
It has nothing to do with your integrity as a mod(or how well you have done as such, that is by far beyond my ability to judge) but rather
that you decided to invest time and passion as a mod for
a distro specifically targeting people who prefer the GUI.
Several points you made weren't really new to me and
i didnt agree with them when they were made by other people
and i dont now as well, but its not like i had urgent news to add so
i simply summed up both points i wanted to say in one comment.

Zorin OS does not specifically target people who prefer the GUI. That is a bit of a generalization.
It targets Windows Users who wish to move away from Windows, offering more familiarity in layout to ease the transition. Zorin OS project began when they two Zorin Brothers in their young teens set out to find a way to help their father escape Windows and learn to use Linux. Not to rebuild Windows into something their Father could use without transition.

This distinction is extremely important, as it differentiates between a distro being more like Lindows, where it seeks to Emulate or be a Windows-like Distro and one that seeks to be a Gateway to Linux.

The first one is like being On Windows, on Linux. The second one is more like an introduction to Linux while offering enough Windows Familiarity as to not spook the user.

It is quite true that the ZorinGroup and I disagree on some points. Fortunately, the ZorinGroup is not exclusive in their opinions. They do not require everyone to agree with them and I respect that.

But it is true that I believe in promoting the diversity of Linux. Some Windows users migrate away from Linux in order to take advantage of what Linux has to offer.
Some just want "Windows for Free."

And I take a harder line on those who want "Windows For Free." These are the ones who expect Windows Style Customer care. They expect their demands be met, without needing to have to accept the Learning Curve of using a different Operating System.
Now, please remember that we are volunteers on these forums. We simply cannot and should not be obligated to hold a persons hand through what they do not wish to learn, in our own time, merely because they demand it.

Rather, I believe it is our best course to "teach a person to fish."
Use Zorin OS as the introduction to Linux it truly can be.
While offering a more comfortable workstation setting, Zorin OS allows the user to Learn Linux at their own pace. This is different, as you can see, from not learning Linux, at all.
And the point is not to turn Linux into Windows - after all, what purpose would that serve when there is already an established and well-supported Windows to fill that niche?

To suggest, given the above, that it is odd that I would be a Moderator on this forum, is to suggest I may abuse that position in order to, as you word it - diametrically oppose a Windows Users wishes.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong, whatsoever, with GUI. I am a themer. As one, i would be hard pressed to do much theming without GUI. :wink:
However, I firmly believe in Using the Right Tool For The Job. This includes using GUI as it applies and using CLI as it applies, not shunning a tool (like CLI) just because you do not wish to learn how to explore its potential and power.
All the tools should be used as the Right Tool for the Job Applies. Never use a screwdriver as a hammer type of thing.
While users may have preferences, we have the option to encourage learning instead of complacency, acceptance instead of being demanding and to Welcome users to Linux, not to re-create Windows for them - for free... Based entirely on all of their own wants.

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