Graphical glitches and keyboard input lag - only recently | Zorin 16 Pro single boot

Hi guys & gals! I am fairly new to Linux and Zorin. Have been running Zorin 16 Pro since last summer and generally very happy with the experience. For a few days now I have been experiencing graphical glitches and keyboard input lag. Glitches include screen not updating fast when I switch apps (the previous app stays visible for a few seconds, at times it also only updates to the current app wherever I move the mouse). I have also been experiencing choppy youtube playback in Chrome, although I believe that to be an unrelated issue. The issues all started after recent Zorin (and Chrome) updates.

Any ideas what could be the problem?

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This could be when the kernel got upgraded in Zorin OS. Try login kernel 5.11 and see if the problems disappear.


Thank you, @Storm ! I will try that and report back.

Apologies for the noob question: I am pressing the left Shift key to get the option to choose the kernel on startup, but no luck. What am I getting wrong?

Try [Tab] and/or [esc]

@Storm Thank you! Esc worked

@Storm Thank you! Reverting to 5.11 did indeed solve graphical glitches, input lag, and it seems to have solved youtube playback glitches, too. Much appreciated! I imagine the Intel graphics card driver is not compatible with the latest kernel, yet. I'll keep an eye on that.

If you're are adventurous you could try with the latest lts kernel 5.15.

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Thanks for pointing that out! I might give it a try.

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