Grub freezes on keypress

I just got Zorin lite installed on my old laptop. Whenever I boot my device and it enters the grub, the grub freezes on any keypress which is my problem since I plan on switching between Zorin and Windows most of the time. Please help me fix this.

Hi and welcome to the forum. Thanks for telling us yiu have installed Lite. I assume that is Z15.3 Lite, being the latest XFCE version.
Can you tell us a bit about your hardware, particularly which graphics card, CPU and RAM.
I do not run Lite, but that info will help others help you.


It is an old laptop (Lenovo S110) that runs on Intel Atom N2800(32bit), 2Gb ram(ddr3) and no GPU that I know of. I think it is at least 8 years old now.

I assume you downloaded the 32bit version of Z15.3 Lite. 2Gb RAm is minimal, but should be OK for basic computing e.g. browsing, email etc. Age is not an issue, but 32bit will be in the future as Z16 Lite will be 64bit only.

Not that any of this helps you with current problem.
Have you done the basic pre-installation checks mentioned here:

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Yes, I installed it via legacy. Zorin is already installed and I can use it. My only problem is I can't navigate in the grub

I am wondering if running boot repair disk will fix this. Anyone got more ideas? @Aravisian maybe.

EDIT: @StepPen can you post a screenshot of your grub screen, just to check if it looks correct.

I wonder if the Keyboard is the issue. Might plug it into a different port and test.

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