Help Graphics with Windows PC

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i am a zorin user but my father uses windows in there machine because my father is a graphic deginer and he has a lot of work on adobe softwers like Photoshop and as you know any adobe app cant run in linux.

today my father was working on his pc and suddenly he has encountered a very serious problem. my father is using windows 7. i and my father tried a lot to solve that problem but we faied. can you help us to solve that problem.

please please...

Can you describe the problem?

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Yes I can
Please wait

You can see in the above photo we have opened the computer to check the graphic card because as you can see everything is looking so big and its regulation has also decreased. My father's monitor is full HD but now you can see what it is looking like. My father's wallpaper has gone crazy. It's is changing its colour repeatedly in some seconds and you can see the colour depth has decreased to 24 and everything is pixelated and nothing is clear.

You can see that the transparency effect and clone maximise and minimize buttons are gone. Everything is changed now​:sob::sob::confounded:
This PC is acting very crazily now. Please help me

Please help me

Below are some screenshots of now.

Please help me or suggest to me anyone who can help me :pray::pray::sweat:

Thats probably because

a. The card is failing
b. The drivers are not (correctly) installed
c. In display settings you have selected 8 or 16 bit. If you change it to 32 you get normal colors
d. Faulty cable


Thank you, sir. There was a problem with the cable. I have solved that.


Is this the same PC on which you are going to install Fedora?

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No. Not at all.
That was my fathers pc (that is a very powerful gaming pc.)

This is that PC (this is my low-end PC but still I love my laptop more then my fathers PC💕)

Hello, now I can't install fedora because my exams are now very near. I can freely install fedora after board exams.

oh ok. you can focus on your studies. Best of luck.

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Thank you.

Marked solution. 93

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Sorry, i can't understand...

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