Help me get wifi (8188CUS)

I think @wifiplease should concentrate returning this 10 years old spec new merchandise to Amazon while he can.

Yea yea I get that, that’s why I’m trying to get away, but windows is worse. It’s like some gross polycule.

So get a good laptop from a reputable brand(NOT THE eee PC) and install Zorin OS.

OK, guys.
If you want to debate over the different OSs, I suggest we move to a new thread. This is the thread to solve the problem with this 10 years old spec netbook.


Do you want to get another :yellow_square: ?

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No pls don't give me the CARD

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What do you consider good laptops? (Serious question btw)

Good specs, can do day to day task like surfing the web. If a laptop can't even get on a website, it's a bad laptop. I spend the time on my computer, 90% on the internet. I NEED THE INTERNET, NEEED

Then please watch out your language.


OK, guys.
I have to retire for the night.

@Kedric has some good idea about the spec of the system. @wifiplease should benefit from that :slight_smile:

Good night :night_with_stars:


Same. But like brands? Specific models?

Depends on your budget

If budget is max 1k usd….

What do you do with your laptop? Do you game or you just surf the web normally

I am thinking of starting a new thread regarding
Which laptop one should NOT to get for Linux


It's actually not that hard, just get a laptop with good specs, good reviews, reputable brand.


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Specification isn't a problem. Check better what components they have before some electronic died faster before warranty will out.
Check some forums or channel on yt what laptops are good or bad.
Some people who repairing laptops show what is not good with laptops cost 5 000 $ or more. Really don't look on specification. Important quality building laptop. Don't throw out money out window.