HELP! Stuck in GNU Grub 2.04 Command when starting

I installed Zorin OS 16 a few weeks ago dual booting with Windows 11. I don't use Windows anymore but I need to keep it for now.

Yesterday I tried to install Ubuntu Budgie on to a USB stick (not writing the iso on it but actually install the system on to the USB stick).
Ubuntu automatically installs the boot loader in the advanced options for installation. So I chose the USB stick for everything.
When I restarten I had all my systems in the Ubuntu boot menu and startet Ubuntu.
BUT after a new restart I got the GNU Grub Command Screen (not Grub rescue, just the "normal"GNU Grub 2.04).
If I type "exit" Windows will start (at least most of the time).

I managed to get the Zorin boot menu back (with windows to choose as well) but it seems just temporary. Every time I restart I am back in the GNU Grub Command Screen.

Then I do this again:

set boot=(hd0,gpt7)
set prefix=(hd0,gpt7)/boot/grub
insmod normal

This brings me back to the dual boot menu of Zorin 16 (hd0,gpt7 is where Zorin is installed)

But how do I get it back permanently!?

Thanks in advance and hello to everyone - I am new here :wave:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
What will happen when you boot without this Ubuntu USB drive plugged in?

Hi and thanks for the welcome and the answer :grin:

I only once tried it with the Stick. But not even with the Stick the boot menu shows up. I am always going directly to that Grub Command screen.


That means your bootloader still sits on the internal drive not on the USB stick.

You might want to try Grub customiser.

Okay, so I did the Grub Customizer thing. But the only thing it did was changing my boot loader screen (to the worse :sweat_smile: wehre I choose what to start. It is no small in the top left Corner and before it was the one from the Zorin installation.

But it didn't change anything else. I still land in this screen (see Picture)

One another thing you could try is Grub Repair:

You can make a bootable USB key like any other Linux installer. Boot from this USB key and follow the instruction. I suggest you to read the procedure in advance.

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I think this from AZorin How to fix the boot menu if it disappears
is the same but I didn't try it yet cause I have to restart and the the Grub command thing again to be able to access the BIOS and be able to boot from a usb stick (if it works at all :joy:
I wrote the Zorin Iso on to the stick so I guess I will try this now...

Be right back :upside_down_face: hopefully :sweat_smile:

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After the repair computer loads into the boot menu again with all 4 Options I had before.

But the Menu still doesn't look like the one I got after the initial install of Zorin os 16. Now it looks like the Ubuntu boot menu.
I am not sure if the GRUB Customisation caused this (although I didn't change anything :thinking: but before that the menu was the Zorin original and I want it back :sweat_smile: it is way prettier!! :heart_eyes:

Any chance for the photo?
I am not a clairvoyant :crystal_ball: and unable to imagine exactly how it looks :face_with_monocle:

It looks like this now just with a Black background

and before unfortunately I don't have a pic and couldn't find one but it looked similar to this.

with all the Option right in the middle off the screen

Strange thing is that I am using Grub customizer on my 10 years old Acer Aspire dual-booting Windows 11 (yes, it is possible) and Zorin 15,3 and the boot screen looks like the bottom image you have posted.

Oh, wait, where your Windows 11 went?
I do not see it in the list.

It is a pic from the net cause I don't have that menu anymore.
And also the first Pic is from the Internet cause my Cam Pics file size is 4 mb

My system works as before. Just the Boot menu is messed up

Be earnest with you, I've never paid much attention to how the boot screen looks like. I will ask other volunteers who might have a better idea. @zabadabadoo @Storm

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I expect to see the second of the two boot screens as shown by Sebo, but dual boot will also show Windows boot menu option at bottom.

Me either. I was always good with the Ubuntu Boot screen but now that I got the Zorin one it looks so .... hmm ugly :sweat_smile:
and it is just super small and the zorin os theme was just so clear and clean and easy readable

Exactly what it was before for me with the 2 windows options below the 2 Zorin options.

It was not exactly what he had.
He just took something from the net that looks similar.

Do you think it is something to do with Boot Repair he used to fix it?

It seems that with the try of the Ubuntu Budgie install on the usb stick it overwrote the Zorin 16 boot menu to the Ubuntu one. And now I am stuck with it.

If you boot Windows, then when Win is up and running, do a restart, do you still get that grub menu format?