How to add sound effect to Screenshot

Hummmm .... I thought we created warts not pimples .... LOL

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In the Cinnamon Desktop?

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Don't forget the XFCE desktop it doesn't work there either ... only on Gnome does it work .... defy's neither rhyme nor reason ...

nope, on Gnome

This ones is better...

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This implies that Dconf-editor may be useful... I will check this.

Eh, looks like I will end up installing Cinnamon after-all...


Installed Cinnamon and I do get the shutter sound on gnome-screenshot with the event-sounds enabled and the Input-sounds disabled.

In dconf-editor, that path is

OMG .... I can't believe it .... works perfectly .... now I can just click away happily ever after .... LOL ....

Not sure just who should get this Solution ..... dasjdoom or Aravisian as it looks like both of ya'll contributed to the solution .... so you can draw straws .... Smilling

Thank You


You've been CLICKED ... LOL


Many users may contribute to a solution, but remember we do not get a nickel for every solution.
Once a user selects a solution, it is automatically linked in the O.P.
So the best choice is the post that provides the Solution itself that others can quickly find, follow and use.



Yup ... count me in .... and you maybe right about the sound but then that was many ... many years ago .... on a planet far ... far away ... LOL


I was waiting for Frog's reply and see if it could be done. Congrats Frog, hope your happy with that shutter sound.

It was not me, I find it amazing how you thought of this by seeing my print screens. Good job Aravisian. :wave: :ok_hand:

Just wanna say Frog be careful with de dconf editor and don't get you fing... ehh system burned. But your Frogzilla, you do have a backup to restore right.


Using the terminal command of gsettings - path- value would have worked too... But you guys switched to discussing a GUI method, so dconf-editor seemed the logical transition.

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Absolutely ..... I did one of just the bare bones Gnome install so I had a copy of my disk partitions .... saving that as the master copy .... then I did one when I customized Cinnamon and XFCE and finally one just 2 days ago so that is the latest addition .... now it looks like I need one tomorrow as I have made a lot of changes to Cinnamon .... the first two back-ups are done on a 1TB external drive and the last back-up was done on a different 1TB drive .... ain't putting all my eggs in one basket .... :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for your help solving this one .... click ... click


But you did tell him to use this, it didn't work remember.

Or is that command not complete because of the input-souds which should be disabled?

Yeah... but you guys switched to GUI settings so I figured dconf-editor would be a good way to go.

This is of topic - Even though it has to do with screens.

About that Nitrogen app,

I installed, but you can not add a time sequence to the pictures it just shows the selected one from the path(s) which is added in the app. So its not an extra addition to Gnome - as a background changer.

As you know changing the background can be with a few mouse clicks on the desktop.

As I understand it, On Gnome, if you have more than one monitor, selecting the wallpaper will display the same wallpaper on all monitors, right?

I presumed this app was also for changing the wallpapers set with a time sequence, just as available in XFCE.

But If its for displaying on two monitors, I can't tell because I only use 1 display.

No, maybe I was unclear. It is for enabling the ability to have more than different wallpapers on different monitors. Not a utility for cycling them out.

No, you were clear, I misread that. I already removed the app.

Wouldn't the app Variety serve the purpose you are looking for?