How to do drivers for dynamic graphics

Hey everyone! So my legion 5 15ach6 has a mux switch and graphics through the nvidia 3050ti and the integrated graphic on the ryzen 7. Right now I have it on just the dedicated graphics because of a brightness control issue for Linux, basically I had to edit the config file to fix, anyway, I was going to try to see if I can get the brightness working with dynamic graphics to save on battery but was wasnt sure how to handle the drivers since the nvidia driver won’t work the the AMD. Does anyone have any advice?

I understand what you are trying to do, I get it, battery life thing, I do. But here's the thing, I am a gamer myself, and I guarantee you my notebook is more of a battery hog then yours, mine will last about 1-hour on gaming or production in full performance.

Gaming really requires full performance from the hardware, and trying to get the optimus dynamic to run in Linux is not the easiest thing to accomplish. You could try to install optimus, see how that goes, but its no gurrantee that its going to work.

My recommend, as a gamer myself, is to do what I do. Do all gaming plugged in to the power brick, full performance all the time. Unless you plan to take your notebook with you everywhere you go, there should be no concern to save on battery.

If you really must, try installing optimus, and see where that leads you.

sudo apt install mate-optimus

Ohhhhhh, one last thing, incase you didn't know this already. When your using the dynamic mode, forcing the system to go through the Intel GPU before you reach the discreet GPU, you get about 10FPS less in performance.

If you only run on the discreet GPU, you will get 10FPS increase.


Thanks man! Honestly I don’t game much and I use the windows duel boot for it since the two games I play don’t work on Linux (yet) it’s more for day to day use. Plus I haven’t really learned how to set up games with lutrus or wine yet (first time ever using Linux) If I install Optimus will it only work when dynamic graphics are selected in the bios? Can I uninstall if it doesn’t work or should I just use time shift to role back? Thank again for the advise!

You may want to install this extension, as it will allow you to select which GPU that you are using, you might find it handy.

Also, you may not be aware of how gaming in Linux works with Steam. Install Steam, login to your steam account.

Go to Steam settings, compatibility tab, make sure steamplay is enabled. Click on force PROTON verison. Select the version 6 series to begin with.

Buy and or install your games from your games library. Then go to launch the game, if the game doesn't launch properly by the globally chosen PROTON version, right click the game in question, go to properties, select a lower version.

Try each one until the game launches and runs properly, then you will found the right one, game should run well.

Some games come with DRM, any game that comes with DRM is unlikely to run on Linux regardless of PROTON version. DRM(Digital Rights Management) applies to Windows only, so its a no go.

Hello there, yes I know, amazingly quick response right? Fast you've seen right? Thats cause I am good. HAHA!

Haha amazing!

Thanks I’ll try all that!!! I play destiny 2 (cause it’s free) and battlefield 5 (cause it was $5) lol. I know the anti cheat keep those offline but hopefully soon the delvs would implement those changes! But I was gonna buy age of empires 2 for old time sakes so that should be fine!

I download that extension and try that. First I’ll make a back up though. JUST in case. I am really liking Zorin so far though! I had a Mac and I didn’t like how Microsoft just targets the hell out of me with adds so glad I discovered Linux :slight_smile:

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Hey, its easier to actually install these Gnome extensions, if you first enable the Gnome browser integration. Then you can simply click on the on/off toggle on the extension page to install them and turn them on. You can also edit some extensions from the extension page once installed too.

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Thanks I booked marked it! So, would you recommend I install Optimus and then the GPU extension? Also, sorry if it’s a dumb question, can brave be enabled for extensions? I still have Firefox if it can’t.

Yes, if your going to be using a switcher or hybrid graphics, Optimus needs to be installed. I can see the extension being very useful for you too.

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So I’m going to try this later this week. I noticed the the extension only says intel/nvidia. My laptop has ryzen/nvidia. Have you heard if that extension would still work?

Nobody with an AMD system has officially tested it that I am aware of. So that means you become the first guinny pig to test it. Don't you love science? :grin:

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Guess I’ll say a few Hail Marys then :joy:

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Hello. For brigthness, you can try this:

You may need to upgrade the kernel version. I used Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer for this.


Thanks! I know the screen brightness is fixed with dedicated graphics and a config to the xorg.conf file. When I try optimus I’ll see if the amd config along with the nvidia config can allow brightness control

So I installed optimus and turned on dynamic graphics in the bios but got stuck in the splash screen. I tried adding nomodeset to the grub which worked on Kubuntu when I was running that and nada. I was able to get back in once I switched back to dedicated graphics so I guess optimus doesn't work with AMD integrated graphics?

Optimus is for Nvidia. Hey don't worry Leviathan, I got you covered already, just give me a minute, I will post something that will make you super happy.

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I recently discovered this extension for AMD users, hope it makes you happy!


Oh sorry let me clearify, the integrated graphics are AMD with a nvidia 3050ti gpu. So I have nvidia drivers going right now and I can only use discrete graphics with it. If I do dynamic I can use the open source drivers but i think it would switch to nvidia drivers during games or other high graphic tasks

Yes for Nvidia GPU, you need Nvidia Prime Indicator. I'm sorry your having all these issues with this. I wish I could fix it for you.

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I know and thank you. AMD gaming laptops are kind of a newer thing so it would take some time for Linux to catch up I guess. Oh well just got make due with 3hrs battery until I get a bigger battery lol

One question, since optimus doesn’t work on mine how do I uninstall it?