How to Force Zorin to Remember Window Sizes, Positions, Screens

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Currently, this problem is really just hit or miss when Zorin decides it wants to remember window size. For instance; one moment I'll open Display Settings and be greeted with the window which cuts off the side panel menu for various settings. Another time it will open and show the side panel menu. Close and then again it will open with the side menu panel hidden. Each time it opens with panel hidden, all I have to do is resize the window to get it to show... but it is extremely frustrating to be required to do this first of all, and secondly; it's not as if the application is broken, because again a simple dragging of one edge (any edge) will make it pop back into the view of the Settings window - even if the window size is the same or smaller than it was before. - would prefer if it was at least consistent in its choices.

Not sure if this happens with anything else, but I notice that this happens much more frequently when the font size/anti-aliasing and scaling factor are changed - but not every time as this issue still exists when set to defaults. Really though, I am sure all that changing the font has to do with this problem is increasing/decreasing the threshold the OS decides it better cut a section of the Settings window off - if the window is sized smaller than X.

I get similar inconsistencies with Firefox and a few other applications. Just like the settings application, they also don't remember the position on the screen, or where it was closed. Also, the apps are hit or miss whether they want to be staying on the screen on which it opened and closed - something I think I brought up here before and for which I was not able to find a solution. I think the community thought my problem lie with... something else...?

Another example is when VLC completely disregards the options set to never auto-raise the interface, or when it opens up full screen when starting a playlist or another item - even though I've explicitly set it not to do that. At some point I have to suspect that the problem here lies with VLC - but because consistency in window sizing and placement are issues even in the Settings application, I felt it should be worth noting in my request for assistance with OS-level fixes or solutions.

A similar question has been asked previously in these forums, but I did not find any adequate answers. Indeed, there was even one posting on here with the same request and the post was closed before anyone answered.

I guess what I'm looking for are some suggestions on third-party extensions to make this OS remember window dimensions at least through sessions, if not through reboot/shutdown altogether. I appreciate the work Zorin team has done on this, and I never ask for extensions or third-party solutions as a rule - preferring to have a usable and dependable performance built into my OS - but I don't understand how I can get this question answered adequately enough without starting some kind of war. If the problem itself is not consistent in the way it presents to the user, I can only expect a matching spectrum of responses which wouldn't help this situation at all.

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We see you have ZorinOS Pro (gnome DE), but we don't know your hardware or settings.

Can we assume you did the basic checks before creating your ZorinOS installer USB and installing ZorinOS as described here: Before you install

Can you post some details of your hardware, particularly graphics card/s, monitors etc.

Also, are you using fractional scaling?

Is Firefox the one that is packaged by Zorin i.e. an apt, or do you have Snap or Flatpak version.

Is your VLC an apt or Snap or Flatpak?

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I asked the same some times ago because it's not an included feature.

For short, Hallimax suggested Smart Auto Move - GNOME Shell Extensions and also provided the guide for GNOME extensions manual installation.

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Gday @ajo001 ,

Yes some app's have " save at closer",( save position & size"),
Some app's just save size & some just have a default size...
Anyway..( Most of all the one's i have tested, will save size at closer, but not position( default back to center of screen ) yes some saved both, ...
This has to be changed within the Source code of some app's, Or manipulated via an app like @Luca_Pavan mentioned,

For app's that you reopen like,( files/folders/Software-mgr/ect) That save's size not position..
It maybe an Idea to suggest this for in new Zorin 17..
maybe via contacting at bottom of of link.

& also mention it in this thread

Hope this may help.


Yes, also I saw this.

Maybe it's better via Send Feedback - Zorin, About - Zorin is intended for business enquiries and Pro customers' support.

@Luca_Pavan , Thanks for agreeing With my post

As the user is running Pro.
Again Thank you.

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Thanks for everyone's replies. Sorry it took so long to get back and reply myself, work has me by the collar.

I don't think my hardware would be the thing that's causing the issue but I'll keep that in mind moving forward into any other request for assistance - and provide it in the future. For reference, my GPU is an Nvidia 3060 and monitors are an external HDMI-connected smart TV and the built-in monitor.
I do know however, that I've installed the OS properly as I haven't had any other issues with my installation. I really don't see how much can be messed up as the install process is pretty straight-forward with little opportunity to change some random configuration that would affect the install in the way described in initial post.
Fractional scaling is not enabled, but if I do enable it, it doesn't change the symptoms - the issue still exists.
The Firefox install is the one from the Mozilla website I believe as I went to reinstall the app after I had issues with the browser not opening after closing it - the built-in Firefox process was not stopping the process as it should have been for some reason.
The VLC app is an apt I am almost sure. I tend to avoid snaps and flatpaks like the plague.

I'll mark the reply with the send feedback suggestion as the solution for now I guess. I am averse to meddling with source code of apps and packages because that seems like a can of worms waiting to be opened - but as mentioned by @Luca_Pavan and others, I might be able to do this with a third-party extension. So I will try that and let everyone know if it works for my specific case. Otherwise I will send feedback via the About Zorin/Feedback function.

I have gnome extensions installed properly and will check out the Smart Auto Move - GNOME Shell Extensions which Hallimax suggested as well.

Again, thanks to all for your effort. Time to rest my thumbs.


:+1: noted


@Luca_Pavan ... Yet you get marked as Solution? hahahaha

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Sorry, as Ocka said you can use About - Zorin, I didn't read you have Pro :sweat:. But you can use Send Feedback - Zorin for suggestions if you want :+1:.

:rofl:, hey ajo001, Ocka's message was much more worthy to be marked as Solution than mine, feel free to mark his one if you want. In those cases I'd really like the special ability to mark more messages as Solution, I wanted to do it once on one of my posts because more messages were a possible solution :sweat:.

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