How to get the best out of those crazy HiReso monitors

Do you really use that resolution (4K tv screen) and being seated, all relaxed in your 2seat sofa, I guess it was this picture, when your dictating all those replies??


Just like at the cinema's.

Yes I do. I have shared pictures of my command center. I wonder if you saw the latest pic I took of me doing dual monitor mode with the TV and the monitor. I will go get the picture for you from my other thread.

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I forgot I took this picture of my new space heater in front of my couch. I am posting the picture to show you a bit of proof of the couch I sit in. Like you said, just like the cinama's.

I was wondering what that was. You are really making yourself all comfy. It's not just a command center - have some snack too.

And If you have problems concentrating let the brain surgeon take a look at it.

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One of my sons got me watching the black mirror episodes. The one I liked the most was season 4 ep 1 called USS Calister.


Somehow your avatar and pictures remind me of that episode.

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Perhaps we should start a new thread
How to get a maximum benefit from those crazy HiReso monitors

I think couch and popcorns are the two most important ingredients :crazy_face:


All you gotta do, is shove 1.21 jigawatts into the TV, it will give you all the 4K you need. No, don't do that, it will blow out everything like Marty Mcfly did when he cranked up the volumes to ULTIMATE POWER mode and there went the speakers when he strummed the first chord on that guitar lol.

I so agree with you, popcorn goes with couches. No literally, cause you will never find the dropped piece that fall under the cushions. Where did that kernel go? Oh, it went into my OS, kernel 5.11.38! :crazy_face:

I had a Topic concerning the usage of 4K tv screen, because my nuc is small and very mobile and easy to hook up where ever I go. Like StarTreker I could sit on the couch with a drink and popcorn while commenting.

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I created a new thread in a Chat category.

Here you can post anything you think is an good idea to enjoy 4K/8K monitors without worrying about deviating form the technical aspects.

We all love deviation/distraction, no? :wink:

The original thread is gone however, and so went Ayush's posts. So I will post the context here, cause I was in the middle of typing up a reply to his post, when FrenchPress waved her magic wand.

@Ayush said, that he was going to buy a new computer next month.... This was my response....

In a month? You should totally get 12th gen! Ooooooo, I am so excited for you, I am bursting with excitement right now. Woohoo! Gees, how much coffee did I drink tonight? Who cares, I am happy for Ayush! YAY :grinning:

beep beep :robot:
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I re-loaded twice. This is the message provided by the forum, I copied and pasted this...

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I can't reach Ayush's post any more. FrenchPress what have you done with your magic stick.

Sometimes the moving posting needs a while to sort things out.
Just give it a few minutes.

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The thread is gone. That's sad, but it won't stop me from saying what I was going to say. @Ayush, don't be sad that you'r device is slow. Be happy. Because there will be at least a single person below you

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well!! for sure but i guess we love old computers more than the newer one :beers:

my boot time is : -

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thanks for being excited @StarTreker, you are awesome i really like your happy all the time attitude.
tho i guess since 12th gen is new it wont suuport ubuntu as good as 10th or 11th gen will so i might still go for intel 11th gen or ryzen 5th gen(since these ryzen dudes can compete with "THE" m1)


well i guess 4k/8k purely depends on the screen size.
like for 40 inch 4k is better but for higher screen sizes 8k is better.

i myself bought a lg 32 inch monitor but instead of fhd or uhd i went with qhd. since it looks better than fhd and very much similar to uhd infact colours and brightness looks much better in a 32 inch qhd than a 32 inch uhd.

It seems to be a bug in Discord.
I invoked our master volunteer @Aravisian
I saw him fixed the similar problem last time.

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"lets give the sword to the master"