How to install Zorin OS 16 Pro on Alienware Area 51M (NVIDIA 2080)?

Yes, you can use the apt-mark hold command to lock any package.

What I do not know is how the O.P. can install Zorin OS 16 given that hte kernel will not even allow the installer to boot.

The only way would be to update the kernel (rebuild the iso) so 5.11.10 is included. This should not break anything since nothing new is introduced, mainly bug fixes.

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I cannot really confirm the 5.11.10 kernel to work. The older kernel works, as the O.P. confirmed.

That exactly what I thought. It is a regression.
It might get fixed in the future kernel update (which was the case for my webcome) but at the moment, older kernel looks more promising.

Is it possible that you build a development iso file with kernel 5.11.10. and then I can test the installation for you?

Theoretically it is possible.
But I am not a developer nor programmer.
It is completely beyond my capability.

If you want to test the most advanced kernel, I suggest you to try either Fedora or OPenSUSE Tumbleweed.
Both are so called-breedingBleeding edge distros.

I'm in tears... bleeding edge?

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no...this you will have to explore on your own.

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You've just witnessed my Japanese accent.
After all those years - I still have a problem for L and R.

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Its OK FrenchPress, the Japanese accent prevents you from saying R, its not the end of the world. And it doesn't detract from how awesome you are, I think your pretty stellar.

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Meanwhile my French husband cannot pronounce H.
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Today I tested the daily build of Ubuntu 21.10, which uses the kernel 5.13

Bingo!, the linux kernel 5.13 can work. The attached picture is the first screen of installation from Ubuntu 21.10 daily build.

But, I don't know if this means the full installation can be complete.

There is a way to update kernel in Zorin.
I think I need a help from @Aravisian - never done it myself.

From reading that, I thought you had problems with Left and Right :smile:

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OK, I found a thread:

@jvn01 installed 5.13 kernel on Zorin.

Well that too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
We say someone cannot tell Left from Right for those confused souls.

Sure, once the OS is already installed. During it prior to installing the OS requires re-wrapping the .iso file.

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Ok this is what i do to update zorin kernel. Do it with your own risk.

You have to install kernel updater for ubuntu called mainline:

  1. Add Mainline Repository for Ubuntu
    sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:cappelikan/ppa

  2. Install Mainline
    sudo apt update

    sudo apt install mainline

  3. Run Mainline from terminal or open app from your desktop launcher. Don't forget to reboot after install new kernel.


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^ As long as Zorin OS is fully installed already. From what I can tell, the O.P. is unable to reach the installer.

Actually my reply is not for OP.
But for this question:

Perhaps we should discourage people to "hijack" a thread and ask them to create a new one instead.