How to modify nautilus sidebar

I am trying to remove these 3 locations from the side bar.
I have found this: How to remove "Starred" from the Nautilus side panel

And am following it to remove starred.
However, using find (in file) to change Recent and Rubbish to False too, there are no results in the nautilus-window.ui that refer to either of those terms, so i cant set them to false too.

Every time I think I find a way to remove Starred; the Gnome Devs change Nautilus to prevent its removal.
I eventually gave up and I do not use Nautilus.

Gnome Devs need to keep going to Microsoft to take jobs.


Stormy Peters, former Executive Director Gnome Foundation, now working for Microsoft as VP in github.
Stormy Peters - Wikipedia

Microsoft Gives $10k to GNOME for… Being Awesome, Basically - OMG! Ubuntu

^Microsoft Wuvs Gnome^

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yeah, ....if the other method is no longer valid it should be marked that way in the thread

if not nautilus what do u recommend?

I use Nemo File Manager

sudo apt install nemo

Nemo is a fork of Nautilus, with all the functionality added back in.

You can set Nemo as your default file manager if you like it.

And... just because... I posted this recently:

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