If you experience an EFI boot error, please re-download Zorin OS 16

If you have been unable to boot your Zorin OS 16 Installation USB Drive due to an "EFI" error, please download a new copy of Zorin OS 16 Core from the Download page.
If you purchased Zorin OS 16 Pro, please re-download your copy using the link in the email you received after the purchase, or request a new one here:
Request new download link for Zorin OS Pro

Technical details

We recently identified an issue that prevents a small number of computer models from booting Zorin OS 16 Installation USB Drives. The issue was caused by a regression in the upstream shim package (see Launchpad bug for more details: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shim/+bug/1937115).

We have now fixed this issue in Zorin OS and have uploaded updated .iso files for Zorin OS 16 Core and Pro.


Good job figuring out what the problem was Zorink! I know several people had issue with that. And its in my opinion, your quick swift action in resolution is nothing short of excellence. Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @StarTreker! :blush:


is it still the same or are there any changes other than efi fixes?

Mega mirror with hashes. It's the same with efi fixes.

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Thanks for the update.
I indeed had this "EFI image" problem, which was quite annoying. Finally, after downloading the updates .iso image, Zorin OS was installed fine.
Enjoying it now.


Nice, it is good to see that your issue is solved
Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hi!I need to reinstall Zorin OS 16 Core again?

Hi VictorGeorgianDragan, welcome to the forum.

The new iso is to fix the boot problem with some Dell and other bios's that were having an issue. If you didn't have an issue installing, you don't need to worry about it. I would grab the new iso in case later you want to install to that architecture, but otherwise there is no difference in Zorin.

Would it be possible to offer a Zorin Pro magnet link for a torrent download, since I cannot be bothered to wait for a download that goes 104kbps and then fails; this was the EFI problem, and now this... I wish for a refund at this point

The Zorin Group doesn't offer a torrent. Try at different times to get a better download speed. I have had no problem downloading core multiple times, getting 90MB/s speeds. That is the only advice i can give you.

There are now quite a few different mirrors to try, as well. If one is under high demand and showing slow download speeds, you can try a different mirror.

But @Arcadius is asking for Pro edition link. I do not think there are mirrors for that.

I do not think Pro edition is offered through Torrent since
only the licence purchaser can download Pro.

That aside, here's a handy link to download many Linux distros through Torrent.

(I only see 16 beta offered as the latest version.)


Yes, you are right. Pro version is only available from one mirror or it maybe depends on link which you got on email.

Sorry to hear that you have issues with download. Can you try it maybe with different browser.

I am using Firefox, tried to download pro version on Linux and Windows , got really great speed. Finished download in few minutes.

Maybe try later, or during the night, when mirrors are less used

Due to the fact that I reside in the Oceania Region, no matter what browser I use, the maximum data speed is 100-300kbps for the Zorin OS Pro, Since Arch has multiple mirrors around the world, I may stick with it since that's just common sense when launching an distro, that not one part of the world is just going to use Zorin.......

This is not a completely true.

For core and other versions you have mirrors from whole world.
"Official download mirrors - Zorin OS" Official download mirrors - Zorin OS
For pro it depends. If you want, you can contact Zorin team to get pro mirror from your area.

Updates etc are from worldwide, like as Arch

I contacted support and received only one reply. I am still waiting for a response to my last reply about my computers make and model, and that was over a week ago. I do not understand how pro users can be charged for a service that does not exist, so asking for a mirror for my region, will be what.... One month.......

Hi Arcadius, we're sorry to hear about your experience.

We originally sent the email asking for your computer's make and model number 6 days ago, but have not received any reply from you since.

We host Zorin OS 16 Pro on a number of mirrors around the world, and the server automatically redirects to the closest one based on your IP address. Our nearest Zorin OS Pro mirror server is located in Singapore, which should have a direct cable link to Australia.
If you're using a VPN to download Zorin OS, the server might redirect to a mirror further away (based on the location of the VPN's server) which might result in a slower download.