I'm Baaaaaack ... Did ja Miss Me

OK I'am back into stock Zorin Pro but got a lot of programs to to reinstall ... did get Vivaldi and all my bookmarks (tons of websites) reinstalled along with FreeTube and it's bookmarks ... so now it is just going back to some of my old posts and finding things to reinstall like Gnome Tweeks ... GParted and some other stuff that I can't find in the store but no new desktops for the time being ... LOL ...

I'll be back ...

2021-10-20 10.37.44 images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com ebdfb1fbe9e2

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You know when you combine Arnald with Jack, your gonna have one scary party. Glad your back, now show everybody how great you are lol.


I have learned that if I do not remember everything I had installed before, not to worry.
I'll install it when I realize it is missing.

And if I don't miss it, I don't need it.


Excellent advise as usual ... the same with my passwords ... I won't install any until asked to as I have way to many passwords to various websites ...

I lot of the apps I had installed before won't be installed this time ans if I do need something like them I will look around for an alternative app ....

Gnome Tweeks and GParted I do need where can I get these two apps ?????? ...

I had to install "extensions" from the software store as it wasn't already installed .... my poor ol' Zorin task bar button looks as bare as Ol' Mother Hubbard's Cupboard .... LOL

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sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

sudo apt install gparted


Thank you sir I will add those commands to my list I am making so I don't have to keep asking .....

You can also group installation packages together:

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks gparted (another-package) (yet-another-package)

and install all at once.


Interesting ... I hope that they will just install in order in case one of them has a problem with running .... as you know I sometimes forget to notice when an error has occurred and correct it before proceeding on .... but I am learning and with the help from you and other board members I shall as the ol' Indian said "I shall persevere" ... LOL

Here is my partition set up ... one thing I noticed is I had set up a partition for a swap partition of 32g (twice the size of my ram which is 16) but I don't see it anywhere ...

Is this set up correctly and if not what to change and how .... or we can start a new post ...

Is there a reason why your using NTFS partitions on Linux? Are you dual booting with Windows?


Yes I am ... there are actually 2 systems and 3 drives but one drive for Win is a external 1T passport ... I won't show up on Linux as it is disconnected and only reconnect when I am using Win ...

Glad you brought that up as all the partitions were installed using the ex4 not NTFS ?????????

Here is a shot using disks ... the top disk is my Win disk and the bottom is my thumb drive ....

You know about Harvey's guide right?

Harvey is the smarted partition guy on the forum, he wrote the book on partitions, well, the tutorial anyways lol. I recommend people read the guide, which includes pictures.


Yes as I've said before I copied and printed and followed the guide as best as I could ... not sure what went wrong ... the installation of Zorin Pro I downloaded had all the files as ex4 and when I set it up in GParted it was ex4 ... when I hit the install button it was ex4 so I have no reason why it was changed ... I took some screen shots of GParted but they were in the Zorin Pro trial so I again don't know where they could be ... any ideas where to find them ??????

IDK, that looks right to me, except for the SWAP partition size lol. The SWAP only really needs to be like 4GB, maybe 8GB max.


Well like I said the tutorial said twice the size of your ram and as I have 16g of ram I put down 32g

Ohhhhh, it said twice the size? Oh my gosh, for some silly reason I remembered it saying half the size of your RAM. Gosh, I am an idiot. See, I told you, I aint the forgone expert on partitioning, that rank goes to Harvey.

If its supposed to be twice the size of your RAM, then you did it right. Your just gonna have to have @337harvey help you with whatever questions you have.


Now you made me go check .... LOL .... yup it said twice in big bold letters .... but that still ain't saying I did it right ... LOL

Frog are you dual booting windows? I do see that you mentioned having a windows disk... but it doesn't mention your intention with it (keep and dual boot, trash and use for storage, sell it at an auction...etc).

The only question i have is if you wanted to have a partition for data sharing... otherwise it's how you want to set it up. Make sure the system and home are at or above the recommended sizes (which they are) and that's it. There really is no wrong way.