Install on computer with dual hard drives

I am using a 1 year old computer with a 250 gb SSD C drive that Windows and all programs are mounted on and a 1TB D drive that is the data drive.

My goal is to use Zorin Pro.

All of the D drive has been backed up.

When I install Zorin, will it install on the C drive and then use the D drive for data or how does this work? Do I need to do anything to get the data onto the D drive, or what is the best set up?

I also need to run Windows in a Virtual box with Zorin as the primary OS.

It will install on whatever drive you select (“Something Else” option during setup). You just pick your D drive during setup (won’t be called “D”, you can identify it based on the size).

I recommend using EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies from windows to setup booting.

Just pop the Zorin disc/usb into your pc, let it boot and it will prompt you from there.

I also recommend reading Before you install and using unetbootin.


He wants the OS on his SSD C drive not D drive. But like you say, it will not show up as that. The OP will have to use size as indicator of which drive is which.


Thanks, Zab.
Also adding Partitioning during installation for OP. Note that you do not delete the windows partition. That’s mentioned in the link but in parentheses, so it may get missed.


An alternative dual booting option if you need more information I have used this for a number of years totally isolated platforms. Processing: Original NewBuild.pdf...

I use this. Pluggable.
No need for dual-boot.

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Link to full info

If I pick the smaller drive (C) for installation, will the data default to D (Larger HD) or is there something else that I need to do during the instalaltion?

It will install only where you tell it to.

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Thats a awesome thing you have there :star_struck:. You can switch easy from one ssd/hdd to another without the need of opening the case and touch the cables.

Very smart


Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:
For more detail, you can refer to my tutorial page:


If I install Zorin on the smaller ssd drive, what do I need to do to store the data on the larger HD? How do I change the position of the folders that store docs, video, music, etc.

You need to create a separate HOME partition on this larger HDD.
It can be done during the installation.

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