Installed zorin 15.3 core but no idea how to connect to wifi

The ctrl+alt+t is the keyboard shortcut that opens the terminal, not a command to put in it.

ahh ... okay ... should've realised that ...
okay ... did that again from the start ...
then tapped out the shortcut to get a clean terminal then added the 2 sudo commands (after the first one, it asked for my password ) then added the second command, hit enter and then the cursor moved down a line as if waiting for another command. there was no installation.
the terminal window remains on screen on the zorin laptop.

sorry about having to rush off yesterday morning ... business.

and still no connection to wifi ...
ethernet is okay ...

I just jumped in this thread, so pardon me if I got the situation wrong.

If you are still using Zorin 15 and if it is something to do with a driver issue for WiFi module, you might want to try Zorin 16.

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hello frenchpress ...
many thanks for your tip about v16 ... think i've heard about that too.
i've only jjust started in zorin 'cos it's meant to be very similar to w7 which will suit me just fine if i can to ork. then it was suggested to me that working in the lite version instead of core might be better.
i have core 15.3 just about working but without wifi and if i, with already a load of help from aravisian, can get the wifi running okay, will prob. resume trying to get lite running unless my wifi problem can def. be cured by installing v16. on the other hand, if core has this 'thing' against wifi, might not lite be afflicted too?

The best way to know it is testing it out on your system.
You can create an installer USB with Etcher and run a live session to see if you can connect WiFi or not.

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hi frenchpress ...
sorry for the delay in replying ... was away ...

i have 3 usb drives all containing data ... so have bought a couple more online which should be here early next week.

i live on an island so only one grocery shop.
i might d/l v16 and if i install it, would i have to delete v15.3 first?

must admit, i miss wifi but at least i can get online with my ethernet cable.

will be in touch ... cheers.

If you have a large enough hard disk, you can install version 16 along with 15.

my blank dvd's are 4.7gigs but my laptop doesn't have it's own built-in one ... i ordered an external one online a few days ago so should be here anytime soon ... hopefully!
think i'd rather delete 15.3 before i install 16.

got to go out now ...
laters ...

hi ... sorry i've been away again story so far ...
my new 64gig dvd 3.0 arrived today but still no sign of my external dvd drive for the laptop yet ... grrrr!!
so i decided to d/l core 16 ... took a while but it's now sitting on the new dvd. also d/l rufus 2.15 which is also on the dvd.
i looked up on the net how to change the boot order "how to change the boot order in zorin linux" and "changing boot order" came on screen. looked very detailed and concise. on terminal, tapped out "sudo gedit /etc/default/grub" then my pwd then "grub default=0" which advised me to change the '0' to '5' ... did that then saved the changes. then back to terminal to tap in "sudo update-grub" to make sure .that grub2 recognises the changes then entered and restarted the laptop but it went straight back into 15.3 ... after the 3rd attempt, i stopped. i've gone wrong somewhere along the line. the "grub default=5" ... my change was still there but i have some doubt as to "sudo update-grub" ... there was no-where to 'save' it.

would like to hear your comments and ideas as to where i went wrong.

what i was expecting was rufus to appear followed by core 16 with its questions about dual or no dual etc.

still no sign of getting wifi but i'm hoping that when i get core 16 sorted, it might help in getting wifi too.

the only other thing i can add is that i'm beginning to enjoy zorin!!

Do you mean a 64GB USB stick, not DVD (which is an 4.7GB optical disk)?
You could otherwise confuse us, as it is possible to create a Linux bootable DVD installation media.

Out of interest, Have you taken time to look at this useful information: Before you install

Also: Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15 - #6 by swarfendor437

@ zabadadadoo ...
hi ... and my apologies for the error ...
yes .. i meant to type in usb 3.0 and not dvd ...

at the moment i know little or nothing about checksum files but as i've just installed quickhash, i'll use that to check both checksum files, the one i've already downloaded from the zorin site and then, will carry on from there.
continuing with your 'before you start ...' post, i always wanted to install zorin on a dedicated laptop so i don't think it's necessary to follow through with items 2, 3 and 4 because there isn't a hint of any microsoft on the laptop.
with 5, do you know of a good route (and easy to follow) to enable me to change the boot order because i wasn't happy with my first 3 attempts ... that could've been the reason why 16 core failed to install.
the usb and cables are okay and i don't have a spare computer.
i prefer rufus so will use that.
totally agree with your reasons why problems occur when installing ... in my case, i think the main reason is the third item as the first was taken direct from the zorin site and the second, all checked okay.

thank you for your suggestions.

Just speaking from my own experience, Rufus did not work for me.
Etcher was the only software let me made a bootable Zorin installer.

I am not a fan of BalenaEtcher due to many problems reported here and on the old Zorin website. including: Balena Etcher problems
I believe BalenaEtcher was good for creating Live USB for the original (non Beta) release of Z16.
I will stick to Unetbootin myself.

@mipak Is your wifi fixed now?

PS. @FrenchPress where has your cat avatar gone? The new coffee pot one confused me this morning.

no ... not yet ... i'm having a problem with finding a simple method of changing the boot order ...
up till now, all i get is the 15.3 core instead of (and i'm guessing) the start of 16 core with rufus starting to do its thing followed by zorin 16.

just gone through about half the process of trying to change the boot order ...
i d/l the file " How to use GRUB customizer to change boot priorities" and got to the point about half way down where it gave me 3 choices 1) list configuration 2) general settings 3) appearance settings.
in the paragraph above list config, it said to "Open GRUB customizer by searching for it in the main search menu." where is the main search menu??
now i'm at a standstill.

@ zabadabadoo ...
no, not yet ... as you can gather from my last post.

A small incident taught me NOT to use any image which can allude a wrong assumption regarding a nature of this being.

BTW, it is not a simple coffee pot.
It is a famed French Press (presse à café / cafetière à piston).
You can see how it works here:

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hi ...
think i've gone through so many sites trying to find a simple route to change the zorin boot order so that i can start the installation of 16 core ... i'm obviously doing something wrong but i am at a loss as to what it is.
from what i've seen, there can be a number of boot choices starting with zero and upwards but i don't know the name of any of the numbers ... i don't really want to tap in just any number and i don't know if there's a list of names or what to tap in in terminal to find a boot list of names.
i would be very grateful if someone can help me please.

Can you please clarify what you mean by this statement?
I do not understand what boot order has to do with being able to install Zorin OS 16. Also, by boot order, are you referring to the order of which OS is offered first in the Grub Menu?