Installer crashes

Nah, not going that way. Windows was too heavy on the machine. I'll lower Lubuntu and try iBuntu too lol. Look like Lubuntu with nice looks

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Hey, this one is a riot :rofl:

I used to run macOS on this exactly the same machine - I could have just used this!

So you mean this could work on my machine??

I have absolutely no experience with iBuntu.
I just thought that it may be a handy alternative for those just wanted to have a macOS look on their Linux.

As @Aravisian pointed out already your machine is not particularly Linux friendly because:

  1. 32bit EFI + 64bit CPU*
  2. 2GB RAM**

*this would call for a specific distro comes with 32bit EFI or modding an installer with (which works only for certain Ubuntu based distros).

**2GB would be insufficient to run Zorin OS with Gnome desktop (Core/Ultimate versions). Your best bet is Zorin Lite with XFCE desktop but I am not so sure if that is the "Zorin look" you wanted to have.
I just realized that since you have to respin your installer, there is zero chance to be able to install Zorin on your system. Sorry.

I'll try respin Zorin lite.

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You could try, but it is not included in the supported OS. See the list bellow.

The script is called '' and works with all official desktop 64-bit Ubuntu ( and Ubuntu flavoured ISOs (, Linux Mint ISOs (Download - Linux Mint), KDE neon ISOs (KDE neon), elementary OS ISOs (, Peppermint OS ( ) and BackBox Linux ( And whilst Kali is not directly supported the Kali Metapackages (Kali Metapackages | Penetration Testing Tools) can be added when respinning an ISO.


Are you asking why the limited OS included in the list?
I have no idea. I did not write this shell script.

You should go to the original blog and pose a question there.