Is there a way to enable all the hardware in my Thinkpad P51?

Hi, I had been tinkering with Zorin for some years now, and initially I got it running in old laptops, but I bought a very well maintained Thinkpad P51 (Intel Xeon processor, 32 GB Ram, Dedicated Graphics card, 2 TB HD) to be my personal laptop with pretty much similar specs to my office workstation (Thinkpad P16 Gen 1). I have the documents area synchronized to my Synology NAS and the same does my office laptop, so anything I write on the office is in my personal laptop 2 seconds later.
I am giving it a serious try to be able to work 100% from the Zorin laptop and waiting for version 17 to be upgradable from my 16.3 I currently have.

The 2 items that I see do not work are the fingerprint reader and a Pantone Color Sensor that is on the left side of the trackpad. Is there any way to enable these two? I would love to sign in using the fingerprint sensor, but from all I know, it is not being recognized.

Any experiences out there?

Depending upon the make and model of your fingerprint reader:

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